The Best Ideas For A Trip Away With The Guys

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Traveling is better when you’re with friends. This year, why don’t you make an effort to get the guys together and plan a cool trip? Unsure of what you can do? Take a look at these ideas for some inspiration:

Party Vacation

Do you remember those times where you used to go away for spring break with all your friends? You’d party all night long and spend your days sitting on the beach getting a tan. Well, you can do this again if you choose to go on a party holiday this summer. There are so many locations all over the world – particularly in Europe, throughout the Mediterranean – that are designed for party vacations. There will be plenty of clubs, beaches, and a load of girls too. If you and your friends really want to spend a week away together and just let loose, this is a great idea for you.

Fishing Trip

It may not sound amazing on the face of it, but a fishing trip is actually a really great chance to go away with your friends and have fun. You get everyone together and go away to a fishing hotspot, spending a few days out catching fish and drinking beers on a boat. What’s more, there are loads of fishing charters out there that can make your whole trip a lot easier. You won’t have to worry about boat maintenance, and you’ll even be pointed in the direction of the best fish. For me, it’s a brilliant idea if you want to have a few days off from your regular life. Just take a little weekend break with the guys and enjoy some bonding time while you fish in a lovely location.


This is by far the best idea if you and your friends want to go travelling together for more than just a week or two. With InterRailing, you get a special ticket that lets you travel on the majority of major trains in Europe. It means you and your friends can country hop all around the continent and explore so many iconic cities. You could fly over to the UK and spend some time in London before getting the train across to France and starting your adventure around Europe. A really brilliant idea for a long trip away with the guys, particularly if you’ve never been to Europe before.


Finally, we have camping. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you and your friends can have if you go on a camping trip. The great thing about this is that you can stay local if you want, it’s more about the experience than the setting. Having said that, try and find a campsite that has some cool views and plenty to do in the surrounding area. You’ll have fun playing soccer and football in the sun while toasting marshmallows and playing drinking games at night. Few things will bring you closer together than a camping trip, that’s for sure.

No doubt you and your friends will find something on this list that appeals to all of you. It doesn’t matter which idea you choose as they’re all great and you’ll definitely have an amazing time.


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