Cork vs. Screwcap: The Never Ending Debate

  We are a little torn on the screwcap vs. cork debate. On the one hand, the ease of opening and resealing a wine bottle that uses a screwcap closure is wonderful. On the other hand, a bit of the romance is lost when you don’t hear that “pop” when you crack open a bottle….

Surfing – It’s Not Just For The World Wide Web

As far as sporting activities are concerned, surfing is far from being the most commonly participated option. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best. On the contrary, it is one of the most enjoyable sports you could ever try.

The Benefits Of Cycling

Cycling can be exciting and bring out the child in men. It makes them take on challenges they might not otherwise have got involved with, such as exploring the world around them. It gives them the chance to reconnect with nature, and everyone knows the exercise is good for you. What other benefits would you…

The Benefits Of Playing Team Sports

Until quite recently, team sports were something that most of us left behind with school. Unless you were good enough to go pro or at least semi-pro, you stopped playing team sports when you left school. If you wanted to exercise as an adult, you joined a gym, got a personal trainer, took part in…

Get In Shape This Winter

Winter, for most people, tends to be a time of hibernation and stuffing their face with all sorts of festive treats.   Yet, with  New Year on the horizon, it can pay to get a head start on the fitness frenzy that will soon be hitting your streets.