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Ouraring’s “How Did You Sleep Last Night?” Helsinki Design Museum

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ŌURA is proud to be participating in “Enter and Encounter”, a joint exhibition by Helsinki Design Museum and the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo. Taking place from March 24th – October 22, 2017 at Helsinki Design museum, this unique exhibition celebrates contemporary Finnish design and Finland’s centenary anniversary.

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It’s Time To Embrace An Extravagant Hobby

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We all get to a stage in our lives where we suddenly accept that we need to get our hands on a hobby or swap out our current hobby. It is part and parcel of being a guy. We need something we can do to while away our Tuesday afternoon’s, that place we can escape to on a Thursday evening, or that one weekend out of every month where we can indulge in our obsession.

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Organize A Party And See Your Friends!

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Parties are good. Everyone loves them. They are places where we can relax, have a really good laugh and joke, meet new friends, and catch up with old ones. Parties allow us to completely take our mind off the things which are bothering us, and whether a party is for a birthday, an anniversary, a social event or even the birth of a baby, you should always allow yourself to enjoy parties and relax completely. A good idea that everyone will enjoy is to organize a party at short notice and invite all of your friends around. A spontaneous gathering of people can sometimes be the best occasion as nobody will have really planned extensively for it and they will arrive on a whim after receiving an invite. If you have not seen your friends for a while and feel like you all need a catch up, or if you simply want to hang out with everyone again, then it could be a good idea to organize a party at short notice at your home.

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Don’t Go Breakin’ My Car: Great Auto Maintenance Tips

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Sorry to ask a personal question, but how much did you spend on your car? $5,000? $10,000? Some people even spend up to $20,000 on a new motor, which is a lot of money. And, it is because it’s a lot of money that you want to avoid any damage. By any damage, I mean ANY damage. That includes everything from scrapes and scratches to a new bumper and a broken windshield. When the car isn’t in peak physical condition, it looks and feels old, which isn’t why you fork out all that cash. Drivers pay a premium to cruise around in comfort and look the real deal.

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Bring A Little EU Class To NYC

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Over in Europe they have a pretty impressive collection of family cars.  From the mighty Mercedes to the humble Volkswagen.  If it is made in Germany then you know it’s got quality written all over it.  Head across to Italy and you will find Alfa Romeo, these guys are like a tamed Ferrari, only they aren’t that tame.  Wherever you go in the EU you are going to find an awesome collection of cars and what is even better about them is they are built to pass the crazy, tight, EU safety and emissions regs.  This means the engines are a little smaller and they pump out a hell of a lot less toxins than some of our big old American legends.

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