It’s Road Trip Time! How To Make The Most Of Your Travels

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Ah, the good old family road trip. You never just know what you’re getting when you embark on an adventure of this magnitude. Sometimes, you’ll get a vehicle full of singing, joy, and wonder. Other times, you’ll get a vehicle full of crying, arguing and disappointment. You don’t want to fall into the latter camp, obviously. So, we’ve got a few tips – both basic and more strategic – that should help you on your next journey. As I take off for a little family road trip myself this morning, let me share some great tips for your next road trip! Yes I know, I am not following one of my own tips but it is only a short car ride so it is ok. lol

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Beer Brats And Sauerkraut

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With the fall slowly approaching, it is brats season (well any time is brats season but you know, Octoberfest!) so I figured I would share a great recipe. Called Wisconsin soul food, beer brats are an American addition to German cuisine. By 1860, Germans were the biggest group of immigrants in Wisconsin, later to be eclipsed by Polish workers. Bratwurst became popular during the 1920s when butchers would make them fresh, to order. Always a summer cookout staple, they gradually became popular at sports arenas. That being said, brats are not just a summer food.

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The Best Ways To Keep Your Laptop Or Computer At Its Best


Computers and laptops have become a part of everyday life. We use them in our work and socially for enjoyment. Be that communicating, playing games, or keeping on top of daily life like budgets and money. This is why it’s essential to take care of these pieces of equipment. Technology advances quickly, and the cost of a computer and laptop these days has gone up considerably. For many, they are an investment. Which is why I thought it would be important to share with you some tips on how to keep your computer and laptop at it’s best.

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Tips for Mastering the First Date

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The first date. Is there anything more exciting yet anxiety provoking? You’ve got butterflies in your stomach, a wad of cash in your pocket, and a desire to succeed. What now? We’ve shared 10 tips for mastering the first date below. Now go get ‘em!

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WASPcam Announces Availability Of Most Innovative & Boldest Action Sports Cameras Yet

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WASPcam™, maker of cutting edge, high-performance and affordable HD action-sports camera systems and accessories for outdoor enthusiasts around the world living the PROVE IT™ lifestyle, today announced the availability of two top-of-the-line new models; the WASPcam 9906 CAMO and WASPcam 9907 4K. WASPcam caters to its bold and energetic customers who want to capture the world around them and film, edit, and share their adventures for the ultimate ‘Prove It’ lifestyle. The newest models each sport a completely waterproof caseless design and include an impressive variety of mounts and accessories to fit any type of adventure — all at the fraction of the cost of competing action & sports cameras.

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