Maverick Distilling Introduces Samuel Maverick Private Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Maverick Distilling is releasing its limited-edition Samuel Maverick Private Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a grain-to-glass whiskey produced completely in-house. Private Reserve is distilled in small batches using select Texas-grown corn, rye, and barley and aged on-site in the vaults below the distillery in the historic Lockwood National Bank building located steps from the Alamo. Just seven barrels of the four-year-old reserve bourbon were bottled for…

How To Make The Most Of Your Smartphone

Smartphones are like digital Swiss army knives, but they are more versatile and functional than pocketknives in the twenty-first century. Chances are you know what your smartphone can do for you, but there are many capabilities that people don’t know about. Find out more below. 

3 Best Tech & Gadget Gifts Anyone’ll Love

Buying gifts for loved ones can often be a complicated process. You’ll need to make sure you get them something they’re interested in, while also making sure it’s something you can afford.

How To Stay Safe When Riding A Bike In A Busy City

No matter which major city you visit, you’re likely to encounter quite a few cyclists. They may be fellow tourists looking for a unique way to explore the city or busy professionals who prefer to commute on bikes as opposed to jumping on the overcrowded (and often expensive) subway. 

How To Make Your Gym Routine Better

While increasing your fitness and health by joining a gym is a good idea, not everyone enjoys working out. Unfortunately, even for those who enjoy physical activity, the monotony of regular gym sessions can wear anyone down.