Mets Announce 2018 Metsgiving Initiatives

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The New York Mets announced today the return of their MetsGiving initiative, which encompasses a series of programs in November and December that focuses on helping the community during the holiday season. The events, including food and coat drives, a turkey giveaway, and a kids holiday party will feature Mets players, front-office staff, corporate partners and fans all working together to give back and help those underserved in the community.

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Demystifying & Enjoying English Premier League Soccer

soccer, sports, English Premier League, rules, football, Premier League, English Football League, EFL, EPL, Manchester City, Manchester United, Fulham FC

Here in the US, the English Premier League (EPL) can seem like a bit if a mystery to us. Of course, we get that the Brits are hugely passionate about what they call football, but having grown up throwing a pigskin around, the rules and the reasons why they are quite so fervent about this sport can escape us. This is a great shame though because much like baseball and American football, watching and following the ELP is an excellent use of the sports fanatic’s time. Which is precisely why I have written the post attempting to demystify it below. Keep reading to find out more.

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Check Out These Weird And Wonderful Sports

weird sports, sports, professional gaming, extreme ironing, chess boxing, quidditch, wife carrying, cheese rolling

Are you getting a bit bored of basketball? Tired of tennis? Frustrated by football? Well, don’t worry – if your favorite sport is leaving you feeling a bit fed up and wanting more, there are plenty more sports out there that you might want to try to get into. In fact, some of them are so weird and wonderful that you might even be surprised that they exist at all. Read the rest of this entry

The Ultimate Guide To Road Trip Tech

road trip, road trip tech, tech, gadgets, backup, parking, reverse camera, cameras, safety gadgets, roof mounted shower

Heading out onto the open road? Be sure to get the right tech first.

If your soul longs to get out on the open road and drive until to you are too tired to continue, road tripping is probably a part of your DNA. Of course, just because you are heading on a long journey, it doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable or risk being unsafe either, especially with some of the revolutionary and innovative new tech on the market. Read on to find out more.

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Vibrant Vacation Ideas To Keep You Warm This Winter

vacation, vacation ideas, sailing, beach, sun, Europe, boat

When you drag your feet to work every morning you can’t help but dream of going on a vacation. As the evenings are getting darker and the mornings are becoming colder, you want to jet off to somewhere warm and forget about all the stresses of life. Whether sporting vacations are your thing or you prefer to relax on the beach, there are so many options to explore when it comes to planning your next vacation. If you are stuck for ideas and lacking inspiration then the following vibrant vacation ideas might just be able to keep you warm this winter.

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