GSB Punktoberfest 2016

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Long Island craft beer lovers, headed to the Great South Bay Brewery in Bay Shore for their annual Punktoberfest. The Great South Bay Brewery recently won three medals at the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado, a gold medal for Jetty Cream Ale, a gold medal for Muscat Love Belgian Triple and a bronze medal for their Pumpkin Ale. Their entire tasting room was open to sample all of their beers.

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Scents For Gents: Candles For Men

Scents for Gents, candles, for guys, guys

Scents for Gents, finally a candle line just for men! Guys can feel “manly” when they burn a scented candle. Some of candle scents include Making Bacon, Beer, Morning Wood, BBQ and a Limited Edition Fall Release, Pumpkin Ale. What guy wouldn’t want a room smelling like beer, bacon and BBQ? These would be a great gift for “bros” during the upcoming holiday season. Who wouldn’t want one of these for their man cave or bachelor pad?

FAO Mercedes-Benz Drivers: Get Ready To Steer Your Way To Even Greater Joy


The Lord answered your prayers by allowing you to buy a Mercedes-Benz, and you’re probably quite content behind the wheel of your car. But what if I told you that you could gain even greater enjoyment from your vehicle? Strap in, the fun is about to hit overdrive.

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5 Ways To Lower Your Insurance Premium After A Crash

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It’s common to hear about what you should do in the immediate instance after a crash. Take evidence. Make a claim. Seek medical treatment. We’ve heard it all before, but what rarely gets talked about is what happens to your insurance after the crash. In most cases, it’s pretty much guaranteed to shoot up in price. If you don’t do the right things, you’re going to end up spending much more than you should have to. Here are some ways to lower that premium.

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4 Refreshing Herbal Beers From GABF

Are you looking for new beers to try that have refreshing herbal flavors? Check out these four fabulous herbal beers that are full of fresh flavors.

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