HitHouse: The Next Generation Of Cardio KickBoxing

For the first time ever, Hit House offers Muay Thai in a boutique fitness studio. A challenging, fun 50 minute class full of punches, kicks, knees and elbows on our exclusive heavy bag set to banging beats.

Prebiotics, What Are They Good For?

As per this prebiotics guide, prebiotics are a group of nutrients that are degraded by intestinal microbes. In recent years, its relationship with human health has been an area of ​​increasing concern. They can feed the intestinal microbiota, and their breakdown products are short-chain fatty acids released into the blood. Therefore, they not only affect…

Essentials For Getting Involved In Your Favorite Sports

Over the past year and a half, more and more of us have got involved in hobbies that we’d never previously paid attention to. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged many of us to stay home and away from others, only leaving the house if we really have to. To bide our time, some…

How To Stay Fit Through The Summer

Summertime is the most tempting time of the year due to the numerous relaxation activities and food parties. Unfortunately, these activities will tend to disrupt your regular gym and workout sessions as you will have the urge to meet up with your squad and enjoy your time. 

The Importance Of Wearing The Right Gear When Working Out

When it comes to working out, many of us are used to just wearing whatever we have at the time. We might just put on a pair of sweatpants and a regular shirt, and we don’t think too much about the type of clothes we wear. However, more and more people are starting to learn…