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It’s Time To Embrace An Extravagant Hobby

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We all get to a stage in our lives where we suddenly accept that we need to get our hands on a hobby or swap out our current hobby. It is part and parcel of being a guy. We need something we can do to while away our Tuesday afternoon’s, that place we can escape to on a Thursday evening, or that one weekend out of every month where we can indulge in our obsession.

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Don’t Go Breakin’ My Car: Great Auto Maintenance Tips

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Sorry to ask a personal question, but how much did you spend on your car? $5,000? $10,000? Some people even spend up to $20,000 on a new motor, which is a lot of money. And, it is because it’s a lot of money that you want to avoid any damage. By any damage, I mean ANY damage. That includes everything from scrapes and scratches to a new bumper and a broken windshield. When the car isn’t in peak physical condition, it looks and feels old, which isn’t why you fork out all that cash. Drivers pay a premium to cruise around in comfort and look the real deal.

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More Daylight, More Magic

AXE Advanced Collection

AXE® Celebrates Spring Equinox with Technology Designed to Protect Guys’ All-Day Style

As yesterday marks the Spring Equinox, longer days and warmer temps test guys’ looks and they need more from their products in order to dial-up their personal style. Now guys can take full advantage of the 12 hours of sunlight with the AXE Advanced Collection, including the first-ever men’s body washes in the U.S. to feature 12-hour touch-release technology.

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Guy Time: How To Make The Most Out Of Friendships

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As guys, it is common for us to spend a lot of time with our friends at bars (although not all of us do!), or to spend a lot of time with each other in the same places on a regular basis. That can become very boring very quickly, though, but if we are used to meeting up at the same places then it can be hard to shake off meeting up in those places and choosing to go elsewhere. If we do meet our friends at the same bar week in, week out, then we can very quickly become accustomed to the place and feel comfortable there – we may even like the fact that the bar staff know our names, know where we sit, and know what we drink – but in the long run, the same routine can actually become very boring. Say, for example, if you and your friends choose to go to the cinema (rather than a bar) every week; you will all choose the movie you would all like to watch and the likelihood is that you will be excited and will look forward to the cinema for a while but, in the end, you may become tired of it and will look for something else to do. It is the same with whatever you choose to do, doing the same thing over and over again can become monotonous and tiresome and can result in you becoming unhappy and you can also begin to start not looking forward to seeing your friends – which is a bad thing, obviously. Every man needs some time with his friends.

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The New Trends You Can Expect To See In Men’s Grooming

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When it comes to men’s grooming, it’s fair to say that it’s changed dramatically in a short amount of time. It just keeps on changing too. Many men are becoming far more concerned with how they look, and are spending a lot more time on their appearance as a result.

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