5 Must Have Gadgets For Your Man Cave

You might not be all that big on home decor, but when it comes to your man cave, it’s well worth putting in the effort to spruce it up. First things first when you’re improving this room, it’s simply all about the gadgets. These five are a great starting point to create a room that’s…

10 Ways To Repurpose Your Garage

Many of us who own a garage don’t put this space to good use. In fact, garages often become nothing more than dumping grounds for clutter. To help get the most out of your garage, here are ten ways in which you can repurpose this space.

The Online RPGs That Went From PC to Mobile

Online role-playing games have been a staple for many PC gamers. With the popularity of World of Warcraft, Everquest and even games before it such as RuneScape, it was almost unheard of to own a PC and not at least dabble in some kind of online roleplaying game. However, the gamers that played MMORPGs back…

Off Topic Card Game: For Those Slightly Off

I am always looking for a fun new game to play with friends and family. Not your Candy Land kind of game but something that makes you laugh inside and sometimes out loud. So when I was introduced to the Off Topic game where the catch phrase is “A Game For Those Slightly Off” I…

How To Really Rock The Party This New Years

Sick and tired of a New Years’ celebration that just involves finding whatever venue or party is convenient enough to spend your evening at, then going home as soon as the countdown’s over? If you’re looking for a different way to celebrate New Years’, then here are a few ideas worth considering.