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Camerawork: Make The Most Of This Summer By Kindling Your Inner Photographer

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This summer is proving to be a beautiful one so far. Heatwaves up and down Europe and America are proving to give citizens of the world a universally beautiful, yet sweltering summer. It’s important that you take this time to spend as much time as possible outside. Not only will the vitamin D invigorate and refresh your immune system, but you’ll be able to party like partying was going out of fashion, and wear your summer wardrobe without any fear of the weather taking a turn for the worse.

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Cleep: The Best Moments Are Seized Hands-Free

Cleep, video, photos, tech, camera, wrist camera

Not all experiences are easy to record. Some things are to be lived without holding your smartphone or camera, there are colors to see, sounds to hear, emotions to feel… cherished memories that you couldn’t show or share with others.

Until now. Here comes Cleep.

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Tech At The Beach?

summer, beach, tech, bluetooth speaker,

The summer will soon be hotting up, and family and friends are going to want to spend time with you outdoors. There are two choices here. Go unplugged, or go ruggedized. If you know that a bit of fresh air and sunshine might actually do you some good, then get out there. You can take your tech if you really can’t bear to disconnect. But would you take it somewhere like the beach?

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FUGOO Expands “Go Anywhere” Bluetooth Speakers With New Style-S & GO

Fugoo, speaker, bluetooth, on the go, music, tech

FUGOO, well-known for setting the standard in high-quality waterproof and rugged bluetooth speakers for the outdoors, expands its speaker line with the addition of the Style-S and GO.  Featuring the same rugged and waterproof design as all FUGOO’s speakers, the Style-S and GO bring lower price points, louder volume and a new pairing capability to FUGOO’s award-winning line up.  With the addition of the new speakers, FUGOO has also adjusted pricing on its current line of Style, Sport, Tough and XL speakers.

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The Impact Of 3D Printing Car Parts On The Consumers

car parts, cars, 3D, 3D printing, tech

Not everyone is aware of 3D printing, but when they do they will be surprised about it. Having most of the items in the world to be printed in a 3D printer is astonishing or overwhelmingly surprising that most people are not quite ready for it. But before knowing what people think about what this 3D printing business is all about, let’s see how it went through through the automotive industry.

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