How Tech Is Destroying Your Freedom One Tweet At A Time

We like to think of technology as something that allows us to expand our lives and make them better. After all, who doesn’t want to scroll through dozens of helpful apps on their phones, looking for great local pizza restaurants nearby?

Why Social Media Presence Matters For Entrepreneurs

In the competitive world of entrepreneurship, small business owners need to be doing everything they can to find an advantage. However much an entrepreneur will choose to invest in fancy equipment, websites, training, and certification, there will never have as much advantage as having a social media presence. The best thing about social media is that…

Better Connecting As A Remote Worker

The lockdown and pandemic have changed the ways we do a lot of things, but one of the most major changes has been in how we work. Remote working might have been a temporary band-aid on the problem, initially, but now more of us are finding it is, at least in part, a permanent change….

Best Apps For New Drivers

When you’re new to driving you’ll want to get out there and explore. As a beginner, you might be glad of some support, and there are plenty of apps that can be helpful for new drivers. From checking your tire pressure to finding your parked car, these applications can help you to have a better…