Top 7 Health Benefits Of Playing A Sport

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If you’re looking to get into a sport – maybe you are looking for a new and exciting way to get fit, or you are interested in learning a new skill and even potentially making a career out of it – there are plenty out there to consider. There are also many health benefits that come along with playing sports – here’s a list of the 7 most common.

Increases aerobic capacity

Running around for a good 90 minutes means you must have a very high level of stamina – it’s not easy. – So think about soccer players for example, they are constantly on the move running around after the ball, going from a sudden sprint, to a jog, and then back into a sprint again.

Improves cardiovascular health

The continuous moving means that your heart rate is always up, meaning you’re having a great cardiovascular exercise. Not only will this strengthen your heart, but it will burn all your excess calories and reduce your blood pressure.

Lowers body fat and improves muscle tone

If you’re looking to lose a bit of extra weight and tone up your body while you’re at it, sports are a brilliant way to do so. This is done by engaging both your slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, which will actually burn far more calories than any general workout would too, because you’re having to switch between aerobic and anaerobic activities.

Increases bone strength

As time goes by and we start to age, our bone density decreases, causing them to become more and more fragile. By playing sports on a regular basis, you are gradually increasing your skeletal frame, and improving the strength you have in your bones, which essentially slows down your aging process.

Useful information

Playing sports and working with a professional sports medicine Doctor means you are able to get all the knowledge you need about how to prevent an injury, and what to do if one does occur. You will also learn about the right ways to train hard without damaging your joints and muscles.

Teaches coordination

You can improve your hand eye coordination when playing certain sports because you’re having to pay very close attention to what your feet, hands, and mind are doing, all while trying to work as a team – testing your ability to multitask. This skill comes in great use within your daily life as well as the game.

Promotes teamwork

What better way to learn about teamwork than by playing a sport? It is essential to work together as a group, so you are connected and know what each other’s thoughts are before they make them – this will give you a high advantage over your competitors because you will be working with one another before your challengers even have a chance to try and intervene. It also means sharing the overall experience with your teammates and having their support every match.

So as you can see, playing sports has so many positive health benefits that it’s too hard not to start – and why wouldn’t you want to? You’re keeping fit and healthy while having fun and creating experiences with new lifelong friends.

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