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Snuggle-Pedic Adjustable Kool-Flow Pillow: The Review

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Just like everyone out there, I have been looking for the best pillow to get a good night’s sleep. I have tried everything from the traditional pillows to the standard memory foam pillows, which I can not get used to because of the curve which may work for back sleepers but not for me who usually sleeps on my stomach. Then I kept hearing about shredded memory foam pillows with cooling bamboo covers. Hmm, interesting. As someone who always gets warm, anything that will keep cool is an added bonus.

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The Best Ways To Save Money On Expensive Purchases

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When you think of expensive purchases, what do you usually think? Houses, cars, computers, televisions? They’re all very popular items that cost a tonne of money and we have very few ways of reducing their costs—or so you might think. There are actually many ways to lower the costs of expensive equipment, so to give you a hand, here are a couple of ways in which you can save money on those necessary purchases.

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Investing In Stuff The Fun Way

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Investing is usually so boring. It is a matter of putting your money into a savings account, or paying off debt, or buying and managing a house, or looking at stocks and shares on a computer screen. It is dull. Sure, it can give you a nice warm and fuzzy feeling when you make a dollar here and there, but it is still dull.

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The Oddball Festival Brings Lots Of Laughs To Long Island

Bridget Everett, comedy, Jeff Ross, John Oliver, Kyle Dunnigan, Long Island, Michelle Wolf, Oddball Festival, Pete Davison, Sebastian Maniscalco, Tom Segura

The Oddball Festival stopped at Jones Beach and brought some of the best stand-up comedians in the industry to Long Island, NY. Jeff Ross, served as both a host and a comedian at Oddball Comedy Festival. He opened up the show asking the people sitting at the top amphitheatre, “what’s going on up there on hand job hill?” Ross used a GoPro “Roast Cam” to scope the audience and poke fun of people in the crowd including people walking in late, a grandma in a wheelchair, two 14-year old boys, etc. Later in the show, Jeff Ross, the Roastmaster general, brought members of the audience on stage and roasted them.

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It’s April 1st, What Are You Waiting For?

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April 1st is the day people try to trick their friends, to make them behave like fools. Ranging from the elaborate practical joke to the obvious Your zip’s undone. If you fall for a prank, the joker gloats “April Fool”. No one is exempt until noon, but after that the joking must cease or the prank rebounds on the joker with the rhyme “April Fool is gone and past, You’re the bigger fool at last.” A favorite joke is to send someone on a fool’s errand, a search for something that does not exist, a friend of mine was sent to buy tartan paint once.

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