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The Secret To Traveling With And For Next-To-Nothing

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There’s a real difference between traveling and vacationing, as pretentious as that may sound. Both terms can be interpreted rather vaguely, I suppose, but whilst a vacation is usually intended for relaxation, traveling is more of an experience which keeps you on the move. Some travelers may see themselves more as sightseers, whilst others may view themselves more as adventurers. Whatever the case may be for you, it all means nothing if you don’t have the funds to feed your traveling addiction.

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The Man’s Guide To Survival Gear

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If you’re traveling, really traveling – what will help you get the most out of your adventure? Your skills will come into play as you tie knots, create fire and chop wood. Your knowledge will be used for everything, including setting up camp and your physical abilities. Your body and physical talents? They will be used for climbing and transport – for the most part. Preparation of course will be used to plan and prepare for your adventure and travel.

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An Adventurer’s Best Friend: 5 Reasons to Own A Truck If You Love To Explore


Picture this: you’re driving down the countryside with a beautifully crisp wind blowing through your hair. To your right is a clean and sparkling ocean, and to your left is a clear meadow with a line of trees bordering it. The sun’s coming down, so you decide to pull up close to the meadow and set up camp. You exit your truck and open up the back to reveal your camping gear. You spend the night camping on the meadow with your friends, sharing weird and wonderful stories as you snack on marshmallows over a dim campfire. The sun comes up and you’re on the road once more, looking for the next location to spend your night.

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Preparing For The Perfect Camping Trip

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Whether you’re camping because you want to get drunk with your friends, admire the simple beauty of nature, or partake in a little fishing, you most likely know that only fools turn up to the site unprepared. Of course, just because you know you need to prepare for a camping trip, it doesn’t mean you know what you need to prepare to stay safe, and be successful with any hikes or other activities in which you engage whilst there.

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It’s Summer, So Let’s Get The Kids Outside!

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After what might have seemed like an endless winter with no spring, summer is finally here. You know what that means? It’s time to get the kids out in the garden and start getting them active again. In the winter, the retreat inside and watch TV, play games or hog the computer. Now, they can go and enjoy the sun, get the vitamin D and have some fun with friends. However, for most kids, you will need to give them a firm nudge out the door. Otherwise, they will spend all their time inside and miss the summer season completely. This can get annoying, particularly, when they are off school for weeks on end. Here are some great ideas to get your kids to have some fun in the sun. Read the rest of this entry

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