Moving Abroad: The Ultimate Bucket List

Making the decision to uproot your life and relocate to another part of the world can be both terrifying and exhilarating. Starting a new chapter in your life is always exciting, but it can also be very scary, but it can be a great decision for you and a way to enrich and give meaning…

Travel Still Showing Strong According To TripIt

According to an analysis of Labor Day weekend travel bookings within TripIt, and found travel continues to tick back toward normal despite rising concerns around the Delta variant. Compared to 2019 bookings, 2021 bookings are nearing or surpassing the halfway mark for domestic flights (53%), car rentals (75%), lodging reservations (62%), and vacation rentals (46%).

Americans Are Ready To Travel—Are Vaccines Why?

Move over staycations, Americans are ready for a (serious) change of scenery. Last month TripIt asked almost 2,000 U.S.-based travelers about their 2021 travel plans—and 97 percent said  they’re planning a trip this year. And by this year we mean right now. Indeed, more than  half of travelers (54 percent) said they’d be ready to…

Feel The Beat Of Kansas City, Heart Of America

Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. June, traveler readiness to fly steadily increases for both domestic and  international flights. By then, 52 percent of travelers said they’d be ready for a domestic flight. In a survey of more than 3,200 TripIt users based in the U.S., 94 percent of  respondents said they plan to travel in 2021.