The Benefits Of Playing Team Sports

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Until quite recently, team sports were something that most of us left behind with school. Unless you were good enough to go pro or at least semi-pro, you stopped playing team sports when you left school. If you wanted to exercise as an adult, you joined a gym, got a personal trainer, took part in fitness classes, went running or swimming, or practiced fitness videos at home.

That’s all started to change, however. In the last few years, team sports have started to become much more popular with amateurs, those that left exercise behind long ago, fitness freaks and people with disabilities. Those armchair fans who love watching sports and placing basketball bets are having a go for themselves. Local gyms and sports centers are suddenly offering adults beginners sessions for those wanting to try sports that they have never been involved in before, as well as those looking to reconnect with the sports that they played in their youth. Sports like walking basketball are growing for those looking for a route back into fitness, and there really is something for everyone.

Why? Why are team sports suddenly experiencing such a surge in popularity all over the world? What are the advantages of getting involved?


Of course, one of the best reasons to take up any kind of exercise is for fitness. But, team sports are a much better option than many other forms of exercise. Firstly, you won’t just play in matches or games. You’ll train in other ways and workout all areas of your body. Secondly, you’ll never get bored or fall into a routine. Sports are never the same. Every time you play, it will be different, and you’ll get a slightly different workout.


Competition is good for you. It helps to release stress and to get your blood pumping. It works your mind as well as your body, and it gives you a great sense of achievement. Where else in your adult life do you get regular competition?


Team sports can be great fun. Even if you don’t want to play competitively, and you just want to play casually with friends, you’ll laugh, you’ll enjoy your time, and you’ll have more fun than you’ve had in ages.


As an adult, meeting new people is hard. Most of our friends are from work, and if you work from home, or move between offices a lot, it’s hard to maintain friendships. Exercise is always a great way to meet people but when you play together in a team you spend regular time together, and bonds are quick to form.

Stress Relief

Most of us report feeling stressed out at least some of the time. Too much stress can have an adverse effect on your physical and mental health. It can mean that you can’t get a good night’s sleep and it can hurt your relationships and your performance at work. So, it’s essential that you find ways to manage your stress and burn off some of the negative energy that accompanies it. Playing a team sport is a fantastic and easy way to do this.


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