The Benefits Of Cycling

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Cycling can be exciting and bring out the child in men. It makes them take on challenges they might not otherwise have got involved with, such as exploring the world around them. It gives them the chance to reconnect with nature, and everyone knows the exercise is good for you. What other benefits would you have from taking up cycling?

Managing Stress

Research has shown that cycling helps men to manage stress. When you have been working hard all week, or even just for one day and need a break, a cycle ride can concentrate your mind as you cycle up that large hill in front of you. Conquering such challenges helps to build confidence and in turn that will help you deal with the everyday obstacles of life.

It seems that the more challenging the cycle riding is the bigger the effect. For instance, a rider with a Great Guys’ hybrid bike will be able to swap the type of terrain they are going over without a problem, and this can make the ride even more challenging and exciting.

Improves Muscles And Reduces Fat

Cycling helps to build a man’s muscle mass, which in turn improves the rate at which you will burn unwanted fat. It does not take long after you start cycling to see the difference in your quads and calves. As you will burn between 400 and 1000 calories an hour, depending on how strenuous the ride is, the amount of body fat you are carrying will diminish.

Reduces Health Risks

One study looked at more than 260,000 men who cycled to and from work and found that over the course of five years, the risk of them developing cancer or heart disease was halved. A separate study found that for men of 50 that cycle at least 3 times a week have a 30% less chance of becoming impotent.

Exercise also helps to control blood sugar levels and is a great way for diabetics to keep their glucose levels down. The constant use of the muscles in your legs is also said to help arthritis sufferers. The list of health benefits for men who cycle is much longer than this, but you can see from just these few conditions that you could be a lot healthier because of going bike rides.

Social Benefits

Joining a cycling club can widen a man’s social circles and encourage them to ride even more. If you cannot find one near you, just ask around locally and you may be surprised how many men would appreciate a cycling get together, and between you, you could start a club of your own.

Other Benefits

As well as the benefits mentioned above, cycling is more environmentally friendly and a lot cheaper than commuting to and from work in any other way, except for walking.  It helps to promote better sleeping patterns and cycling short distances can save you time. There are so many benefits for men who ride cycles it does make you wonder why not all men enjoy this experience.

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