3 Crazy Ideas For Your Next Boys Weekend

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There are going to be some people that read our next statement and totally get what we are talking about. The statement is this, “the older we get the younger we feel.” We can’t really explain it but while growing old is inevitable, it is becoming clearer and clearer that growing up is optional, and with each passing year, we’re more determined than ever to start ticking off bucket list entries. It is like the great philosopher Buzz Lightyear said, adventure is out there.

So, when you are planning your next boy’s weekend away, and one brave soul pipes up and asks if this year could be more about the adventure and less about the drinking, run with him by suggesting one of the following epic experiences. Yeehaw.

The River Wild

Oh man, there is nothing more exhilarating than getting in some rigid inflatable boat with your best mates, the ones you trust implicitly and don’t trust at all, and taking on a bunch of white water rapids. Life jackets strapped to your chest, oar’s wildly paddling backwards, manly yells turning to high-pitched screams; it is a tussle with nature like you’ve never known before. And when you’ve had enough for a day, well, just hit the shore, pitch your tents and get warm around the campfire, each of you rubbing your sore shoulders. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

The World’s Deadliest Catch

If you like the idea of the water, but not the idea of being bitten by a bunch of whitecaps in rock-infested waters, then perhaps a weekend away with the boys with a rod in your hand would be better. Florida, texas, Colorado; take your pick out of any one of the states and you can have yourself a wild weekend of catch and release or eat off the land (kind of). Of course, we recommend you chat to the guys at http://fishingreporters.com if you really want to go hell for leather and get the best fishing experience you’ve ever had. Trout, bass, tarpon; the choice is yours. What a way to just catch up with your pals too, all while improving your skills as a manly survivor.

Snow Holiday Like A Mountain Holiday

Our great nation is home to some of the most awesome mountain ranges anywhere in the world, and within those giant peaks reside some of the most incredible ski resorts. If you’re not sure which of the best is closest to you, then we recommend you look at Forbes’ Top 10 list here https://www.forbes.com. From our point of view, though, you should choose a mountain and season depending on what you lot want to blitz. If skiing and snowboarding ain’t your thing then why not get on the dirt tracks together, or try out mountain climbing and bouldering. Maybe you’re too awesome for normal skiing, in which case why not take to the Heli. Seriously. Mountains are not limited to strapping a couple of planks to your feet and sitting on chair lifts; there is a whole bunch of wild stuff you can do out there.

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