Why Owning A Car In New York Is So Worth It!

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There’s no denying that New York is one of the most populated and frequented cities in the whole of the United States. It’s a cultural melting point, and it’s a lively and cosmopolitan city where you’ll come across all kinds of weird and wonderful people on your travels!

Speaking of travel, most New Yorkers will tell you that the best way to get around is by using the subway and other public transit systems. Of course, as with any major city, many people drive cars around on a daily basis.

If you’re planning to move to New York or have recently settled in the city, you might be debating whether to buy a car or not. Part of your brain might be telling you that it’s a ludicrous idea, given the amount of traffic there is each day. But, have you ever thought that owning a car in the Big Apple might actually be a brilliant idea? No? Here’s why:

You don’t like using the subway

While the subway is a convenient way for millions of New Yorkers to get around each day, many people just don’t like using it.

They may have concerns over safety, hygiene, or even a fear of trains. Having a car means that you can travel alone in safety and have full control over your journey.

Owning a car in New York isn’t as expensive as you might think

We all know that property prices in the Big Apple can often cost a small fortune – even for the smallest of places! With that in mind, you may think that owning a car in the city will be expensive, especially if you select a property with a driveway.

But, owning a car in New York isn’t as expensive as you may have thought. For a start, you could simply rent a garage to store your car if you live in an apartment. And when it comes to maintenance, servicing and repairs aren’t that much different compared to the suburbs!

For example, you can get regular servicing work like oil changes done at reasonable prices and not need to sell an arm and a leg. Find out all you need to know about oil changes for your car to see examples of what it could cost you for your vehicle.

Many inhabitants of New York City also prefer to buy “greener” vehicles – i.e. hybrids and electric models. As you can appreciate, they will drive down the cost of ownership and maintenance and so are worth considering.

You regularly travel out of the city

Let’s face it; life can be tough if you need to take several trains and buses to get to your destination and back each day. Yet, that’s the predicament facing many people that work outside of the city.

However, if you own a car, you can simply go door-to-door without the need to spend most of your day on public transport waiting for connections!

Perfect for growing families

One of the downsides to living in New York is that public transport can be expensive if you have to pay for a whole group of people all the time. If you have a family in tow, owning a car could work out cheaper than buying bus passes and subway tickets all the time, believe it or not!

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