Bachelor Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Drinking

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We all get to a point in our lives when getting annihilated on beer just isn’t fun anymore. The hangovers hurt more and you’re more likely to end up snoozing in a dark corner than doing shots at the bar with the rest of the boys. Of course, I’m not saying we don’t all like a beer or two when the time is right, but bachelor parties should be about everyone coming together to have fun, not spend the whole night half-naked or with your head down the toilet!

If you need to plan a bachelor party this year, but can’t think of any ideas which don’t involve eventually paying for DWI defense lawyers, I’ve got your back with these booze-free party ideas that are sure to be a winner with everyone.

Survival weekend

Head out into the woods with nothing but the tools to light a fire and some emergency snacks, just in case. Forage for food, create your own shelter and hunt for wood so everyone can sit around the fire when the sun sets. You can even take some long hikes, go climbing or hire canoes and change your location throughout the weekend!

Surf lessons

Everybody likes the beach, so why not get everyone on board for a bachelor party in the sea? Head to the coast and book in some surf lessons before going to see some music in the evening. You’ll all be so exhausted from learning a new sport that you won’t even want to drink more than a couple of beers!

Go to a theme park

There’s no doubt that us men are just a bunch of big kids. Heading to a theme park will allow everyone to get their fair share of adrenaline, and the opportunity to coax the boys into being men on some of the bigger roller coasters! Ride the teacups, get soaked on the log flumes and spend a whole weekend laughing!


There is nothing better than being able to shoot your mates, especially if they talk the talk (come on lads, we all have at least one of those friends!) Nothing shouts male bonding more than one of your friends writhing around in the dirt in pain, everyone else standing around laughing. Great times for all!

Laser tag

If you’re quite into the idea of shooting each other, but don’t want any of the pain that comes with paintballing, laser tag is the next best thing. Shooting lasers at each other in the dark is a fun, testosterone fuelled day out with the lads, and one that won’t end in a hangover, regretting your life choices or potential for divorce if any future wife finds out about bad behavior!

All you can eat buffet

Allow yourselves to indulge in gluttony and head to an all you can eat buffet. Sample all of the dishes on offer, if you can, and ten points for anyone who eats so much that they are asked to leave!

Hire a yacht

Chill out in style with your very own yacht. Swap hangovers for a bit of seasickness and spend a day or two reclining in the sun with fishing lines hanging into the sea. If you manage to catch anything, cook up your day’s fish on a BBQ and revel in your hunter-gatherer skills as the sun falls into the horizon.

Here are some ideas you can use for the next bachelor party, maybe you even combine a few ideas into a weekend. Do you have any cool ideas that do not include drinking or traditional places? Let us know in the comments secction below.

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