Getting Outdoors: Creating Your Heroic & Adventurous Lifestyle

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If you’re an office worker, or just spend the greater part of your day indoors, it’s easy to feel the yearning for an outdoor adventure. Sometimes this can come to a head where you feel the need to escape your modern life with all its comforts and amenities. There’s no need to take drastic action, as a simple few trips out with a good friend can reunite you with the great outdoors and allow you to meet mother nature herself.

There’s no shame in stereotypical masculine activities. In fact, they can be a good starting point. They can provide ideas for hobbies or even introduce you to modes of living you’d like to incorporate into your daily being. Sometimes you might inspire yourself with a desire to change careers.


Reconnecting with your hands and ability to craft can be a great pursuit in itself. It’s also a great reason to get out of the stuffy office and back to a discipline that requires real grit and discipline. There’s no better feeling than designing and producing a piece of woodwork that you’ve spent time working on. Wood is a great first resource to work with because it’s friendly to beginners and allows mistakes.

Learning about wood can be its own reward in itself, as it educates you about the local woodlands. It doesn’t take much to get setup, you just need a well-ventilated room you don’t mind getting messy (a garage will do,) and get to work. Wood in itself is relatively cheap. If you need education, it can be guaranteed someone near you will either own a shop or offer lessons. Check online for what’s in your area. You might be surprised.

Hiking & Exploring

There’s nothing more manly than hoofing it up to the top of a seemingly insurmountable mountain. Walking up the side of a cliff face is a great metaphor for approaching all forms of challenge that also introduces you to the local geography and connects you with nature. If you’re not the biggest fan of walking, consider purchasing or renting an ATV or UTV to traverse wild landscapes easily. It’s best to check out ATV and UTV trader publications to see what’s available around you. You never know, you might come across a great place to fish or just relax with a can of beer.


If you really want to get among the great outdoors, consider setting up camp in a wood or open field. You can go for as long as you have supplies! Be sure you’re familiar with the animal life in the local area and see if there are any camping areas for those interested in exploring in nature as opposed to family holidaymaking.

This can be a great time to go on a nature trail, or potentially (in appropriate and sanctioned areas,) a hunt. There are some areas where elk are available to hunt in order to legally keep the population down, and these can be a fantastic place for novice hunters to learn the discipline. If hunting isn’t your thing, check if there are canoe or outdoor adventure activities nearby in order to keep yourself active.

Getting outdoors and at peace with nature isn’t difficult. It’s our default state. Understanding this and making the most of the beauty on your doorstep has never been easier. Why not give it a try this weekend?


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