The Guy’s Getaway Essentials

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Fellas, you know how it is: sometimes, you just need to get away with the guys. You might be in a committed relationship, and you might love your life, but there’s nothing like a guy’s vacation. The drinking, the partying, and the reconnection are all priceless. And, not to be that guy, but it isn’t going to be the same with the other half stood by your side.

However, before you board the plane for a week to ten days of debauchery, there is one thing you should understand. What you need to realize is that you can take your vacation to the next level with the right planning. Okay, so organization isn’t something we boys do well, but it isn’t impossible. Trust me, as long as you consider the following, your next guy’s getaway will be, wait for it… EPIC!

Here are the essentials for your Barney Stinson approved getaway. Enjoy.

A Sweet Ride

Well, it doesn’t have to be sweet, but it should be a ride that has room for all the participants. Now, you might be one of those crews that like to turn up separately to your destination? Not to be harsh, but you couldn’t start off your trip in a worse manner. The vacation is all about the guys getting together and having a great time, and that starts as soon as you jump in the taxi. Whether you’re going to the airport or a music festival, all the boys need to be together in a convoy of vehicles. So, the next time someone says ‘I’ll make my own way there,’ remind them that the vacation starts on home soil. Come on guys – start as you mean to continue.

Banging Music

At some point in your trip, you’re going to be in a vehicle with the lads. Of course, the conversation will be so riveting that the addition of a playlist will seem arbitrary. However, please have one handy just in case the banter peters out in the first thirty minutes. The right music is an excellent way to create an atmosphere and get everyone pumped. After all, everyone is excited as it is, so they only need a little push to send them over the edge. Now, the choice of music is a big deal because people have their own individual taste. Still, as best buds, you will know the tunes which all the boys will like even if it isn’t in their wheelhouse. Another tip: tailor the playlist to the vacation. Are you going to Ibiza for the week? Blast the happy house music, then.


It doesn’t matter what time the vacation starts because beer is on the menu. Look, there is no need to overextend and get wasted before you even touch down. But, there is nothing like a couple of swift ones in the taxi or airport bar beforehand. Because you only have a limited time, you won’t be able to get drunk anyway. What you will get is a nice little buzz which will set you up for when you finally arrive. A generic crate of whatever lager is the cheapest is usually the best option unless your driver is a fun sponge. In that case, a sneaky hip flask is an alternative. If you’re not a thermos man, you should go online. One quick search will show you everything from British made hip flasks to domestic ones, and you can pick your favorite. Just be careful and pace yourself if you’re going to drink liquor.

A Light Suitcase

Every time a group of guys goes away, they fill their cases with stuff they never use. You’ll probably do the same, yet you will pack it all regardless. It might not seem like a big deal, but it is when you have to lug it around a foreign country. Plus, most airlines allow you take one piece of hand luggage for free, so you can make your getaway cheaper. All you have to do is throw out the clothes that you’re inevitably not going to wear. As long as you have a pair of jeans, some shorts, and a couple of t-shirts, you should be fine. After all, it isn’t like back home where you need to don your best clobber to get into a bar. Of course, essential items like boxers are a no-brainer. It’s the items that you are never going to wear that need omitting. Sure, it isn’t easy, but it’s necessary.

A Functioning Cell Phone

Most cell phones aren’t unlocked. That means that when you go abroad, it won’t work. Now, this might not seem like a problem. In fact, no contact with home seems like a blessing in disguise. The truth is an out order cell isn’t good for the vacation because things tend to spiral out of control. If there is a group of thirty people, one person is bound to get lost. An individual in a foreign country, drunk and alone isn’t going to end well. And, as their friend, you have a duty to make sure they are okay. With a phone that works, you can easily get in touch and make sure they are alright. Plus, a working phone just makes organizing the entire trip so much easier, especially if you’re in charge.

Emergency Cash

Guys, nay, guys and girls aren’t cash rich in 2017. Hey, no one is saying that you’re poor because that would be rude. What they are saying is that you don’t carry money thanks to your credit cards. Instead of being cash rich, most people are plastic rich, and that is fine. Well, it is until you lose your wallet in a drunken stupor and have to cancel every card you own. Then, you’re flat broke and miles away from home. As you can tell by the pit in your stomach, this isn’t a very nice scenario, yet it’s one that lots of guys get into every year. Thankfully, there is a solution: a stash of emergency cash. You never know when a couple of hundred dollars will come in handy, but it’s always a warm feeling to know it is in the safe. At least if you have some cash, you can survive until the synthetic cavalry arrives.

International I.D.

Of course, you will have your passport with you if you go abroad. And, you should have your driver’s license if you plan on a domestic vacation. However, there is a distinction between bringing it on the trip and having it on your person. In simple terms, it is no good if it is in the hotel room and you need it to get in a bar. Yep, some establishments will ask for I.D even if you look thirty-five just to be sure. The best case scenario is that you have to nip back to the digs to pick it up, whereas the worst case one is an early night. Anyone that is scared of losing their passport can take a photocopy as an alternative. The last thing you want is to cut your vacation short because the bars refuse your entry.

Quality Camera

Wait a minute, isn’t taking photos girly? No, it isn’t girly at all because guys like to remember the good times too. Sure, you might not pout or pull a pose, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy a group photograph. In fact, guys secretly love them just as much as women, so don’t deny it! Instead, embrace it for the sake of the vacation and your memories. At some point in time, getting together with the guys won’t be as easy because life will take over. You’ll be too busy and have too much on your plate to frolic in the sun. Still, you will always have the memories of the good times thanks to your on-the-go photo shoot. Don’t worry about investing in a camera because most cells have a high-quality one included. All you have to do is make a conscious effort to take more snaps. Guys, it’s for a greater good.

A Go With The Flow Attitude

Guy’s getaways don’t always go to plan, and it is down to contrasting attitudes. Some people will want to drink all day and sit by the pool, while others will want to explore. For a tight-knit group, this can lead to arguments and disagreements. The good news is that you can avoid all the hassle if you learn to let the little things pass. ‘You want to sit by the pool? No worries because we’re going to check out the city. We’ll see you when we get back.’ That short conversation is all that it takes to keep the peace. Yes, you are on a guy’s vacation, and yes you do want to spend time together. But, you need to understand that you can’t spend every moment as a group. In fact, you will need time away from some people because they are annoying! The right ‘tude can work wonders.

The next time you vacation with the boys, don’t forget to pack these essentials.


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