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Forget Fast Fashion Trends: Find Your Style

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Fashions come and go with the seasons – but style? It’s permanent. However, if you are still confused about what you should be wearing – and more importantly, why – then finding your own style can be a tricky process. In this guide, we hope to highlight the importance of placing style first on the agenda, and why you should avoid the ever-changing winds of fashion. Let’s get started with some of the basics.
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8 Reasons Why You Experience Hair Loss

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Picture yourself enjoying a nice cup of coffee at the terrace of your favorite restaurant. The summer sun warms your skin slightly. When you close your eyes, you can enjoy the intense smell of freshly brewed coffee coming from the drink. The wind blows in your hair. Everything feels fine. But you can’t help but worry about occasional dandruff. Hair is a touchy subject for men, which is why it’s important to know how to take care of it. One of the most common problems that men encounter with hair is to be using a kind of shampoo that isn’t adapted to their type of hair. Whether shampoos contain harmful chemicals – and there are some nasty things that you don’t want to put on your hair – or whether you’re using an anti-greasy shampoo on dry hair, you’ve probably been guilty at least once of picking the wrong product. When it’s not the product, it’s the kind of diet that you follow. Your hair will show if you eat a lot of junk food, as it will begin to feel oily. But when it comes to hair care, the most important issue that you need to address is why some men suffer from hair loss. Bald patterns and hair loss are often perceived as a taboo topic. It’s time to understand what happens and to help your hair to grow strong and resistant.

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The Health Concerns Most Men Will Stress Over

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Men and women are completely different when it comes to their health. A woman would have no issues attending a doctor’s appointment if something wasn’t quite right. A man would leave it until a few symptoms occurred or when things got too tough. Men don’t tend to talk about things, especially if it’s something that worries them. But they do have health worries, and they do stress over them. This is why I thought it would be a good time to share some of the most common worries men have about their health. Perhaps it might highlight something for you.

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Top Home Remedies For Male Pampering

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We are constantly surrounded by articles and blogs covering the weird and wonderful ways that women can pamper and indulge themselves, but what about us blokes? Don’t we deserve a little TLC too? Well, yes, yes we do. So that is why today it is all about us men, and the top ways we can do a little pampering of our own, all within the comfort of our own homes.

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Getting Ready For A Date In 30 Minutes Flat!

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It’s the final countdown… Shhhhh! You don’t want the ladies to know it only took you 30 minutes. Maybe it’s playing in your head already, but getting ready for a date in record time sounds nigh on impossible! Unless you’re a bachelor playing the field, you might not have getting ready for a date down to a fine art just yet. But don’t panic, I am here to guide you, minute by minute, and by minute 30, you will be looking damn fine! From unwashed to the Bill of the ball, you’ll be ready. Let’s do this!

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