The Keys Any Fitness Beginner Has To Remember

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Most guys, at some point, are going to decide they need to get a little more active. There’s nothing wrong with finally getting some exercise, so there’s no need to feel embarrassment or shame as a bit of a beginner. There is, however, reason to be a bit more thorough in your planning. You want to make sure you stick to it, after all.

Make progress the goal

It’s important to start off with the right sense of perspective more than anything else. It’s good to have long term goals, but failing as you try to reach them isn’t what matters. Don’t be too hard in setting goals for week three, week six and so on. While it’s good to have something to aim to, what you should be measuring is the progress you make each week. Forward momentum matters more than any one result.

Finding motivation

Motivation can be a tricky thing and it is also one of the most important for being able to find the get-up-and-go to stick to your exercise. There are a few ways you should look into keeping that motivation in your grasp. For one, you can do something you love, like a certain sport or hobby that has the fun factor you need. If you can get an exercise buddy, having some company and light competition can be great motivation, too.

Don’t just keep doing the same thing

While it’s a good idea to make sure that you have exercises you enjoy doing, you shouldn’t just stick to the same thing time and time again. For one, you need a good mix of cardio exercise, muscle building, and balance exercises. Even in specific categories, you need to switch up which muscle groups you work out. Otherwise you start seeing diminishing returns as your body gains muscle memory.

Make sure you got the right kit

Being able to comfortably exercise is going to be as important as doing the right exercises. If you end up chafed and uncomfortable after every session, it’s going to build up a good reason in your head to do less of it. So, don’t just work out in your everyday clothes. Get sporting centric gear from places like Sport Tek as well accessories like sweatbands and proper footwear.

Know that exercise isn’t enough

Getting active is an important step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but if you’re not supporting your exercise properly, you’re not going to get the results you want. For one, you need the right diet. Carbs, proteins, and plenty of fluids from the most effective sources. Taking the time to rest and fixing your sleeping schedule is just as important. Otherwise, you’re a lot more likely to see yourself dealing with injuries and recovery to the point that you negate the effect of your exercise.

Make your exercise as easy to stick to, as comfortable, and as effective as possible. Don’t go rushing into fads or pushing yourself to your very limits at the start. Build up steam and turn your fitness regime into a full lifestyle change.


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