All Action Exercise: The Most Exciting Ways To Get Fit

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Let’s face it – exercise can be pretty boring sometimes.

Yes, we get it – how can something that leaves us breathless, sweaty and full of vigor be boring? Well if you’re sticking to the same old routine, staring at a blank wall while you do your 5k every week listening to the same old playlist – you can get bored quickly.

You can change things up and run a different route and hey, that’s a good start – but why not try something new?

Something a little bit more extreme?

Let’s go back to the idea of the 5k once more. If you like running long and hard why not try out an obstacle course race? Popular ones like the Spartan Race have races all year round, and you can sign up any time for this three mile stretch of hell. It will focus on all of your muscles and will engage much more than just your legs! There are tunnels to run through, walls to climb and mud to crawl into. There is no better way to feel like a commando than joining the army, and you’ll be covered in loads of mud you will have the pleasure of washing off – your sign of some really hard work.

Rugby is a good bit of rough and tumble if you’ve got some stress to lose. The sport isn’t all that brutal, and no-one is going to set out to hurt you, but it requires a fair bit of aggression. Rugby is popular across the world and a google search will help you find a team near you. Get into shape and enjoy the benefits of regular sport, you’ll even make some new friends and be part of a team in more than just name.

What about cycling? You don’t have to cycle some serene routes – but you can really engage in some good competitive cycling if you’ve got a competitive streak! Whether it is road racing or mountain biking – cycling might be right for you. If you want to ride hard, there are some amazing endurance tests like the Leadville 100. Train hard and have the adventure of a lifetime!

Alright, Yoga isn’t usually seen as the most extreme thing ever – but there’s some ways to take the ‘sport of the serene’ to the next level. Aerial Yoga uses hanging fabrics to allow you to combine Yoga with acrobatics. It’s not for beginners.

It probably doesn’t hurt too say, but although competition is good, don’t hurt yourself. You can try too hard sometimes and cause some serious damage if you’re not being responsible. So take care!

Whatever your choice – there are some amazing experiences to be had beyond your front door. Look outside, get muddy, sweaty and dirty and push yourself to the limit with some extreme sporting options!


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