Weekend At Home With The Guys: 10 Awesome Things To Do

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If you’re spending an easy weekend at home with the guys, it’s a good idea to have a few things planned.

  1. Fly Some Drones – Drones or RotorCopters provide hours of entertainment. There are so many models to choose from, and it’s not necessary to spend a fortune. Small nano drones are ideal for flying indoors. Their larger counterparts are better in wide open spaces.

  1. BBQ – If you don’t feel like cooking a meal, fire up the grill and toss on a few steaks. Chill a few beers in advance and open some chips and dips. It might be an idea to spruce up the garden in advance. And make sure you’ve got adequate outdoor seating options. Plan a few alternatives for vegetarians.
  1. Movies  – If the sun isn’t shining and the garden isn’t an option, plan a few films. Put together some DVDs or head over to Netflix. Beers and popcorn are optional but welcome additions. Do some shopping in advance so you don’t have to run around on the day. Take it in turns to choose a film. Or, make it interesting by selecting a theme, like gangster films, the future, etc.
  1. Cook A Meal – If you fancy yourself a bit of a budding chef, now’s your time to experiment. Put together a fancy meal for your mates. Do as much prepping in advance as you can and provide several courses. You can then spend some of the time entertaining, rather than slaving in the kitchen. Include entrees and a delicious dessert. Sampling plates always go down well.

Another option is to create a theme and prepare a meal around that. Get your friends to dress accordingly.

  1. Sampling Sessions – Whether you’re into your craft beers or bourbon, set up a sampling session. Make sure no-one has to drive and take out the good stuff. Prepare some snacks to accompany the beverages and cleanse the palate.
  1. Gaming – If your mates are serious gamers, settle in for an afternoon of World of Warcraft or whatever you’re into. Set up some comfy seating and make sure your internet connection can deal with the additional traffic. If you’re looking for something less intense, get out the Wii.
  1. Board Games – Forget the electronics and go old school for the day. Dig out all those board games from your childhood. Checkers, Monopoly, Scrabble, etc. Ask your mates to bring over their games and make an afternoon of it.
  1. Karaoke Night – If you have a Karaoke machine, create your own Karaoke night. The only rule is that everyone has to join in. Just warn the neighbors in advance.
  1. Jamming Session – When was the last time you tuned up your guitar? Dust it off and host a jamming session. Throw in a few beers and it’ll take you right back to your student days.
  1. DIY Project – Have you got a DIY project you’ve been struggling to finish? Or, have you had an old engine sat in your garage for the last three years? Invite the guys around to get it finished. Ask them to bring their tools and you’ll supply the food and beer.

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