5 Awesome Things To Buy For An Epic Summer!

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If you’re after an epic summer, then you’ve come to the right place. I have a list of five things you should buy; that will make your summer amazing:

A Drone – Drones are possibly the coolest piece of tech on the market right now. There’s so much fun to be had; you need to get your hands on one! A drone can help you capture your summer memories in a new and exciting way. You can have it fly up high and take aerial snaps of your vacation spot. Or, take things even further and use it to film you and the guys playing an intense basketball match. Even if you have nothing to film or take pictures of, drones are great for just flying around!

A GoPro – Speaking of ways to capture your summer memories, here comes the GoPro! This nifty camera is excellent as you can attach it to your body. What this means is that you get a first person view of everything you’re doing. It can be incredible to watch back the footage, especially if you do something crazy. GoPro’s are perfect if you’re going on an adventure and doing things like rock climbing or paddleboarding.

A scooter – One of the things I love most about summer is that we get loads of amazing weather. And, driving around in a car isn’t the best way to make the most of it. Instead, you should get yourself a scooter! Scooters let you cruise around and feel the fresh air against your body as the sun shines above you. It’s the ultimate summer mode of transport. If you want to know where to buy a scooter, then check out some online scooter vendors. I’d try and persuade the rest of the guys to get one too, so you can go on epic road trips. Plus, stick your GoPro to your helmet and get an awesome video of the roads as you zoom down them!

A Segway (hoverboard) – Scooters aren’t the only cool summer transport around. Segways are an awesome gadget that you can use to walk around town. Essentially, they’re as close to hoverboards as we’re getting right now! You stand on them, and they move based on the way you’re leaning and shifting your body weight. They’re awesome and can make summer a whole lot more fun.

A BBQ – Of course, you can’t have an epic summer without a BBQ. Buy yourself one of the best ones on the market, and have the lads round for some awesome food. You can quite literally spend an entire day in your backyard enjoying a BBQ. Get all the classics on the grill, burgers, hotdogs, steaks; you name it! Fill a few buckets up with ice and stick some beers in there to chill. Then, the stage is set for an awesome summer BBQ party. Just get the guys over to enjoy the fun with you!

If you can splash the cash then get everything I’ve mentioned on this list! If not, then choose a few items, and you’ll still have an incredible summer.

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