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Is Life All Work And No Play? You Need A New Hobby!

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Life can be hectic at times, and when it feels like all work and no play, it’s so easy to burnout. To live a happy and balanced life, we absolutely need to find things that we genuinely enjoy doing. Hobbies help us to learn new skills, allow us to meet new people and bring an element of fun into our lives. If you’re on the lookout for an interesting new hobby, here are just a few ideas.

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Camerawork: Make The Most Of This Summer By Kindling Your Inner Photographer

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This summer is proving to be a beautiful one so far. Heatwaves up and down Europe and America are proving to give citizens of the world a universally beautiful, yet sweltering summer. It’s important that you take this time to spend as much time as possible outside. Not only will the vitamin D invigorate and refresh your immune system, but you’ll be able to party like partying was going out of fashion, and wear your summer wardrobe without any fear of the weather taking a turn for the worse.

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Aerix Drones Releases VIDIUS VR HD, the World’s Smallest HD Virtual Reality Drone

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AERIX Drones (formerly Axis Drones) launched the new VIDIUS VR HD, the World’s Smallest HD Virtual Reality Drone. The VIDIUS VR HD is equipped with a 720p High Definition, wide-angle lens video camera system, yet measures a scant 4.3cm x 4.3cm x 2.5cm. Pilots will notice brighter colors, smoother images and a broader line of sight, which is especially important when using its virtual reality capabilities.

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Weekend At Home With The Guys: 10 Awesome Things To Do

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If you’re spending an easy weekend at home with the guys, it’s a good idea to have a few things planned.

  1. Fly Some Drones – Drones or RotorCopters provide hours of entertainment. There are so many models to choose from, and it’s not necessary to spend a fortune. Small nano drones are ideal for flying indoors. Their larger counterparts are better in wide open spaces.

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Awesome Pieces Of Tech Any Man Would Love

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Around here we love technology and all the little gadgets it brings into our world to make life easier. Whether it’s the phone that we couldn’t live without or the television our Friday nights revolve around tech is a big part of how we live our life. It’s a big part of most men’s lives, let’s be honest. We’re not saying it’s the most important part. Certainly our wife and kids are the most important part. But, we do love our tech and if you’re looking to buy a guy a gift a piece of tech is a great option. There are certainly lots of different awesome types of the market!

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