Listen Anywhere & Everywhere – Victrola Launches Revolution GO

Victrola, the leading manufacturer of turntables in the home for more than 100 years, launched pre-orders for Revolution GO, the world’s first portable, rechargeable, Bluetooth record player providing listeners the ability to create music memories anywhere they call “home.” In a feat of unprecedented and innovative product development, vinyl lovers can now experience their favorite…

6 Tips For Planning The Perfect Road Trip With Friends

The best road trips are the ones you plan. However, with so many different factors to consider, it may seem challenging to get started. So we’ve compiled six tips for planning the perfect road trip with friends that will help you prepare for your upcoming adventure!

5 Ideas For A Fun Lazy Day

Most people are busy with work, managing businesses, school activities, and other simple daily tasks. People rarely find time for self-care. However, when you create a particular day to be in to have fun and enjoy your time, you may be conflicted about what to do. The lazy days give you a chance to stay…

FUGOO Tough 2.0: The Review

Fugoo, a speaker company I introduced you guy (and girls) to back in early 2015 is back with an update to their original rugged Bluetooth speaker that is built to play through your outdoor adventures and extreme conditions. The 2.0 comes with some new improvements I am sure you would love. We sure did.

Soundcore Unveils Liberty 2 Pro, First Sonically Aligned True-Wireless Earbuds

Soundcore, Anker Innovations’ premium audio brand, introduced the Liberty 2 Pro, the crown jewel in its next generation Liberty true wireless lineup. Utilizing a first-of-its-kind coaxial driver, Soundcore’s engineers were able to successfully marry a custom tuned, balanced armature (BA) driver from Knowles with a Soundcore dynamic driver to create a pair of wireless earbuds with…