Yes, Men Should Accessorize! Especially With Number 2!

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It’s easy to think that, as a man, you shouldn’t accessorize. However, when it comes to fashion, you should definitely look to do everything you can to create a look that you love. Because when it comes to your image, there’s so much you can do with fashion, and that’s not always limited to clothing.

Accessories tend to get a bit of a bad wrap too. A lot of the time, you think that they’re going to be somewhat effeminate. Thinking about accessories, you can conjure up images of stilettos and sparkly brooches. But, of course, that’s just a cliche. Because when it comes to men’s fashion, accessories will always pull a look together. So much so, that you may not even notice that you already wear them.

So let’s take a look at the accessories you should have in your wardrobe.


First up, we’ve got the neckwear that can really pull your look together. You’ve got scarves for when it’s cold, and to see off a more formal look. And, of course, there are also ties, in all kinds of varieties, that are going to dress up some of your workwear. But you could also look to go with something a little more exciting, like a cravat, which is more of a combination between the two and can give your look a lift.


Then, there are watches to think about too. And these are often the pièce de resistance when it comes to men’s fashion. With watches, you’ve got something practical and fashionable in one. You often need them to tell the time, but they add a level of class to any outfit too. If you’re not too comfortable with accessorizing what you wear, then this is going to be the perfect piece to ease you in.


Up next, you’ve also got cufflinks to think about too. These are often saved for more formal occasions, but if you want to feel completely badass in your suit (or just have a sense of class about you), you’re going to want to accessorize with cufflinks. Because they always complete your look.


Technically, the last two points are kids of jewelry, but they’re not the only kinds that men can wear. You’ll often find that rings, necklaces, and earrings are a great part of your accessories collection and can make your look feel complete. Bracelets, in addition to watches, are often great additions to a casual outfit that can make you look like you have put more effort in. An excellent example are these men’s beaded bracelets, which are lightweight and subtle enough to wear with almost everything. Sometimes, you’ll have a wedding ring, and that’s it. But if you want to wear more, definitely feel free to go with it.


And finally, you’ve also got the shoes. It’s highly likely that you don’t even think of these are being accessories, but they are. They’re also a type of accessory that you need to wear on a regular basis and form a part of your daily uniform. But you can definitely still use them to set off your style and create different looks. So think about having a range of different styles, from sneakers to dress shoes, that you can wear with different looks.

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