Your Look Probably Needs An Overhaul

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If you’re tired of seeing other men walking past and looking a million times better than you do then you need to do something about it. Believe it or not, genes aren’t everything when it comes to looking good. There are so many other factors when it comes to improving your appearance, and you can take full control of making yourself look a million times better too. Your look probably just needs an overhaul, at the end of the day, so here are some suggestions that might help you out in that regard.

A new hairstyle.

You should start off with your hair. You’d be surprised by how much of an appearance a hairstyle can have on your overall appearance, in terms of both how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. Think about your facial hair too; if you have a majestic beard then go for a neat and tidy hairstyle so that you don’t look too scruffy. If you want the wild and untamed “messy hair” look then you should make sure your facial hair is neat and trimmed. The key is just to make it look like you put effort into your appearance in some sense. Perhaps the aspect of your appearance in which you want to put effort is fashion, but if you’re struggling in that department then here’s some advice…

A better fashion sense.

Start off by finding clothes that fit you. Don’t worry about wearing styles that don’t suit your preferences; feeling uncomfortable will ruin your look because confidence is everything. So, find a style you like and then focus on finding an outfit which fits snugly. Of course, if you really feel like a fish out of water then you might want to check out this monthly clothing subscription which can help you by putting stylists on the task of finding clothes that both fit you and suit your personal preferences. There’s really no excuse not to have a good wardrobe in the modern age because there are so many options available to you even if you currently know nothing about fashion. Take our advice on board and see if you start to love your appearance 10 times more than you currently do once you simply start to dress more effectively.

A healthy skin routine.

Beyond surface-level improvements to your appearance, you might want to think about naturally improving the way you look through better health. Starting with your skin is a smart idea because many skin problems are easily reversed through a simple change in lifestyle. You just need to focus on keeping the skin healthy. Vitamin E can help revitalize it if it’s been damaged by the sun, so you should look into a good moisturizer. Of course, avoiding excessive sun exposure is always a good idea in terms of your general health.

You should also focus on your mental state. Reducing stress in your life can help to reduce acne or other skin problems you might be experiencing well beyond your teenage years. Staying well hydrated is also a simple way to ensure naturally-glowing skin. You don’t always need complex cosmetic products; sometimes, basic lifestyle improvements can make all the difference. Even changing your bedsheets can help because dirty pillows can bring your skin into contact with grime that leads to acne breakouts. The rest of your body can also become spotty from your duvet cover if you frequently sleep without a shirt, so fresh sheets are the way to go to keep your skin looking smooth and healthy.

A healthy dental routine.

Whilst we’re on the topic of health, how well do you look after your teeth? If you brush them every morning and every evening then that’s a good start, but you might not be doing as much to ensure good dental hygiene as you think. And when it comes to looking good, there’s no denying that your teeth play a big part in this; you want to be able to smile brightly and boldly without worrying about their appearance. Use this as motivation to improve your standard of dental care because so many people neglect to look after their teeth properly.

Brushing is important, of course, but flossing is the key to a healthy mouth overall. Plaque and tartar between your teeth is a visually unpleasant sight but it also damages your gums. As the gums recede, you’re at risk of health issues such as tooth loss in later life. That’s as good an incentive as any to floss more frequently in order to prevent this. You’ll not only reduce the inflammation of your gums (making them look less red) but also reduce tooth-staining. Smiling will be less of an uncomfortable experience for you. All in all, better dental health leads to a better appearance. It’s a win-win situation in terms of aesthetic improvement and healthiness.

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