Can You Rely On Your Friends & Family To Help You Move Home?

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It’s common to ask friends and family members to help you move especially if it’s a tall order that you can’t quite complete on your own, but can they really be trusted? Here are a couple of considerations to keep in mind before you go and ask a close friend or family member to help you move.

Do you have private or personal belongings that you don’t want others to see?

Firstly, keep in mind that your belongings are going to end up in the possession of your friends and family, so if you’re keeping some private things hidden away in your bags and boxes, make sure you feel comfortable with letting your friends carry them around. If you trust your friends then they probably won’t be looking into your possessions and snooping around, but it can make you feel more comfortable if you hire a professional service instead. Ultimately, this comes down to if you have anything you don’t want your helpers to see!

Do they expect to get something out of it once they help you?

Many friends and family members will help you without asking for anything in return. However, other people will want something out of it, even if it’s just a bit of lunch or being treated to dinner, While you should always give them something as a token of appreciation, money should not be the focus of your discussions when asking for help. If your helpers are demanding something that you don’t think is worth their help, then politely retract your offer and hire a company instead.

Do they have a large vehicle or a truck to help you carry your belongings?

The one thing that moving companies have that you probably don’t is a huge truck or van. Instead of making several smaller trips from your new home to your old home, you could ask a friend that owns a pickup truck or a van to help you drive your belongings over. It’s common courtesy to offer to pay their fuel or give them something in exchange for their help, so don’t cheap out and use your friend just because they own a truck.

Are there professional services in your area that can offer guaranteed service?

If there are professional services in your area, then it might be worth asking them for a quote instead. Yes, this sounds obvious, but you might not know that there are movers in your area which is the reason why you’re asking your friends in the first place. You might also be worried about the fees of hiring a professional mover, but you’d be surprised at how cheap it can be. Make sure you request a quote here to see how much it will cost you to move. If there are professionals around, then you may as well make use of their services.

What are their schedules like and are they flexible with it?

Another thing to keep in mind is their schedule. If your friends and family aren’t known for being punctual or having clear schedules, then they might not turn up on your important day and you’ll be forced to hire a mover anyway. Make sure they’re trustworthy people that can stick to your plan.

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