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What Do The Shoes You Choose Say About Your Style?

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Have you been looking for new shoes to add to your wardrobe? We all wear different shoes depending on what we do during the day, how we spend our weekend, or any number of factors.

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Accessories That Wow Women

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If there is one thing a man wants to do, its impress a woman. But, being from Venus, they aren’t easy to win over. The female of the species is notoriously difficult to impress because they are so perceptive. They see something, and they read into it like a therapist at an AA meeting. For years, guys didn’t even realise this was a thing. Thankfully, the tables are turning. In fact, they are turning so much that men can wow women with a few simple accessories. What to know more? Of course you do! Everything you need to know is underneath.

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Looking The Part: How To Present Yourself Properly When Starting A New Job

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Starting a new job is always a pretty daunting prospect. No one wants to start the job and then be humiliated on their first day. The focus is always on making a good first impression and being able to hit the ground running. Impressions matter though, and first impressions matter even more. So, if you’re wondering how you can create the right impression when you start a new job, you should make sure you look the part. Let the tips below help you out with that.

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Feeling A Little Too Single? Your Choice Of Clothing Could Make A Big Impact

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Some people love the single life because it means they don’t have to deal with the hassles of being in a relationship. However, every man will start to feel lonely at some point, and so putting yourself out there is the best course of action. That said, it’s often difficult to attract female attention if you’ve been out of the game for a long time. You probably won’t have the confidence that’s required to achieve your goals. So, you need to do something about that. Purchasing a new outfit could make a real difference. It will make you feel much better, and it could give you the encouragement you need to chat people up.

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The Style Rules That Every Man Should Live By

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If you’re someone who desperately wants to dress to impress but struggles when it comes to style, don’t worry you’re not alone. A lot of men find dressing in a smart and stylish way a struggle and find getting the balance right between casual and smart-casual, a real struggle. Many men have one go-to look that they tend to stick with day in, day out. While it’s fine to stick to one look, it’s important to ensure that it’s a look that is stylish and can stand the test of time. When it comes to ensuring that you look and feel stylish and well dressed, the key is to live by selection of well thought out style rules, such as those listed below. Take a look at these, take note, and implement them, and you can ensure that you always look as smart and stylish as possible.

Capsule wardrobes are king

You may think that capsule wardrobes are a female thing as they’re something a lot of women talk about having, but they’re not. Believe it or not, capsule wardrobes can work well for anyone, male or female. The fantastic thing about capsule wardrobes is that they allow you to create a variety of looks with just a few key pieces, making staying stylish much easier. To create the perfect capsule wardrobe focus on quality, not quantity – it’s better to invest in a few high-quality pieces rather than lots of low-quality items. A tailored suit is a must, as are a selection of  – at least two – smart shirts for pairing with it. A pair of tailored slim-fit jeans are also crucial, along with two or three casual shirts, and a couple of smart t-shirts. Remember to pick items from the same range of colors so that you can interchange them and create different looks.

Basic shoes are boring

Basic shoes are boring, so it’s important to pick out show designs with a difference. The truth is that the shoes you wear will have an impact on the look of your outfit, so it’s important to make sure that you are picking the perfect shoe designs, both when it comes to smart shoes and casual ones. For smart shoes, steer clear of plain black, as these types of shoes tend to look boring. Instead of opting for plain Oxford style shoes, Brogues tend to be a much better choice when it comes to style, as they add that little something extra to your look. For casual shoes, pick a design that is smart as well as stylish, such as a men’s designer sneaker that has been well designed in a smart style.

Always wear a watch

Unlike women’s fashion, men’s fashion comes with very few accessories. However, that doesn’t mean that you should forgo accessories, as accessories are what brings an outfit together. If there is one accessory that every man should have, it’s a watch. There’s something about wearing a watch that adds that extra touch of elegance and style to almost any outfit, upping the ante on your outfit. So, if you’re yet to invest in a watch, make that your next purchase – just make sure to pick a design that is neutral and goes with everything and can be worn to every occasion.

There you have it, a list of the style rules that every man should live by. Take note of the above advice, and you can ensure that you are always smart and stylishly dressed.

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