Every Man Should Have These Three Skills!


There are a lot of various things that people like to talk about when it comes to what makes a real man. Whether it’s attitude, style or whatever else, everyone seems to have an opinion. Now, those things might be what a “real” man looks like, but they’re not what really makes the man. What separates a man from a boy is actually pretty simple. A real man is someone who can get things done for himself. If you want to feel like you’re a real man, then you’ve got to be able to handle your business in every part of your life. No matter what it is, you should be able to deal with it without needing to run for help all of the time. So here are a few skills that every man needs to have.

Fixing your car

For the most part, the vast majority of men don’t really know anything about their cars. Aside from how to change a tire (and even then that might be a stretch) the idea of doing even the simplest piece of auto repair is a pretty terrifying prospect for a lot of guys. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to improve your knowledge. From physical courses to online tutorials, there’s no excuse not to be able to fix at least the most basic problems with your car. Not only is this a useful skill but is going to help you save a pretty decent amount of money in the long run too.

Cook for yourself

Come on guys; it’s 2017. The whole, bumbling man who can’t take care of himself routine is neither cute nor funny anymore. It’s time to start taking responsibility for your own life and your own health. Every man should, without fail, be able to cook at least five different meals. And each of those meals should include at least two or three different food groups. So no, mac & cheese with five different types of cheese each day does not count! Not only is cooking a great skill and a pretty impressive one too, but it will help you understand flavours and give you a much better idea of exactly what you’re eating, making it far easier to understand why you like or dislike certain foods.


It’s time to stop mumbling down at your shoes. A real man is someone who has confidence in what he has to say. You should be able to communicate yourself effectively no matter who you’re talking to. Whether you’re with friends, at a meeting, or on a date, you should be able to express yourself clearly and will authority. Not only will this make you more engaging to be around but it’s also a really good way to build your confidence.

Now, it’s important for a man to be independent and to be able to do these things, but don’t forget that there’s nothing wrong with needing a little bit of help now and then. Sometimes the best thing a man can do is to accept when he needs some support.

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