Don’t Get Caught Out In Your Car This Winter

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During winter, even places you know quite well can suddenly become snowy havens. It looks great, and the kids love it, but it means you need to reassess your journeys and take precautions. A usual monthly or weekly trip to see a relative can totally change, especially if it’s way up high. There are precautions to take which can not only protect your car, but you too.

Snow Chains

If you’re going driving over thick snow or ice then snow chains can give you the grip you need to get through. If you don’t use them your car could skid into walls, buildings and other vehicles, leaving your car needing Auto Repair. You would have to pay for damages to the other car too. If you don’t think you need them, check the weather for the destination you’re travelling to. Put the chains in your boot just in case, you can attach them as needed. There are different types of chains for different vehicles so make sure it’s compatible for your car before purchasing.

Windscreen Fluid And Wipers

Over summer it’s fine to use mainly water with a dash of windscreen fluid in your car. But during winter make sure you use mainly fluid. The fluid can better cut through ice and snow and if you’re in sub zero temperatures will stop the water freezing onto your windscreen. Make sure the pipes are working properly so the water can be carried to the rear window.  It’s also a good idea to check the wiper blades. Good blades will clear snow instead of smearing it across the windscreen blocking your view.


In the winter your battery is more susceptible to issues. If you’re going through cold temperatures and snow you should try to get it tested beforehand. Many places will actually test your battery for free. If it’s temperamental it could cut out or not start in the colder weather. Either replace the battery, or carry a jump pack with you so you can manually jump your car when needed. Sometimes it’s not the battery but the alternator, meaning the battery isn’t being charged so won’t be able to start during ignition.

Take Warm Clothes

You may be warm in your car with the heating on full blast but if the car breaks down the temperature will quickly drop. You may even need to get out of your car if the lights fail, so it is even more important you get a good quality winter jacket, a pair of gloves and a hat. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a few miserable hours while you wait. You could end up in real trouble if you’re on a little travelled road. So take the additional clothing just incase.

Tell Someone Where You’re Going

Travelling in winter has its issues, as we have seen. But if you’re in an accident or left stranded in the cold someone should be able to alert the relevant authorities. The best bet is telling the people you’re travelling to the time you’re going to arrive. So alarm bells will ring when you don’t arrive.

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  1. aplotzi says:

    I have snow socks in my boot that fit over the front tyres…they really work. Great post.


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