Want A Better You In 2017? Here’s The Ultimate Guide

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That we make resolutions in new years is a little odd – in the grand scheme of things, such a time split is arbitrary. Our bodies don’t care what year it is! Still, now’s as good a time as any to explore ways in which you can improve yourself going into 2017.

Keep seeing your doctor and dentist

When it comes to your health, it really is best to get some input from the experts. A lot of people neglect to see health professionals on as regular a basis as they should. Remember that these sorts of checkups and opinions only get more important as you grow older. You should be getting a physical checkup from a doctor at least once every six months. Some would say that once a year is enough, but a couple of times can definitely give you more peace of mind.

Your dentist, too, is someone you should see on the regular. This is something that an alarming amount of people put off. This is because people really underestimate how important oral health is to their health overall. Don’t make that mistake – get your teeth and gums checked thoroughly and regularly!

Be more discerning in your diet

It’s time to be a bit fussier. What you eat and drink has such a tremendous effect on pretty much every element of your day-to-day life. Your energy levels, your mood, stress, skin – so much is affected by your diet that it seems absurd that so many people don’t pay enough attention to it.

This doesn’t even mean you have to cut out many things you enjoy. Sure, you should ensure that you’re consuming less sugar and food with additives. But the food and drink you enjoy now can usually still be enjoyed as long as you find a healthier alternative. This is what we mean when we say you should be more discerning. For example, a product like Rich Energy Drink comes with less sugar and additives that the big names in this field.

Identify bad habits and eliminate them

Do you eat junk food on the daily? Do you spend most of your days off playing video games or binging on TV shows? Do you smoke, even if it’s only on nights out? And speaking of nights out, how many of those are you having every week? These are all examples of bad habits that you should be cutting out.

Of course, a bad habit could also be the absence of doing something you should be doing. Flossing is a classic example of this. Though it’s now estimated that more than half of Americans floss every day, it’s still not a big majority.

Work on your happiness and brainpower

When people talk about getting healthier, things usually lean towards of a sort of asceticism. That is, we often talk about cutting things out as opposed to expanding on anything. But your happiness is very important to your health and looks. So make sure you’re keeping yourself content with the occasional treat, and try to reduce your stress levels.

Working on your happiness and brainpower can take the form of being more social, reading more, taking online lessons for a new skill you’ve always been curious about – in short, you can develop yourself while working on your own satisfaction.


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