Welcome In 2017 In Style: How To Throw The Best NYE Party

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So you’ve made it to the end of the year (congratulations) and decided you’d like to show the people you’ve spent it with just how much you appreciate them. Why not consider throwing them a party to see in the New Year? Hosting parties can be really rewarding and great fun, providing you get the details right. Nobody wants their party to be a flop, so here are some top tips for you to consider while you’re organizing your big night.

Who will you invite?

Do you want a big house party, or would you prefer an intimate gathering of close friends and family formed of mostly couples? Do you want to create an event which is suitable for children, or will you have to ask friends with kids to find childcare? Your vision for your party first starts with the guests you’d like to invite, and the rest goes from there. After all, you don’t want to put on a rave and only invite couples with babies. Once you’ve decided what sort of party you’d like it to be, put out your invites early, especially if you’re only inviting a select few people. The more notice you give them, the more likely they’ll be able to come and spend the evening with you.

What types of entertainment are appropriate?

If you’re having a big event, are you going to consider live music? Would a DJ or a band be suitable for the atmosphere you’re trying to create? If you want to book entertainment, you’ll need to start contacting people as early as possible, because the good entertainers get booked up fast! If you’re having more of a low-key event, spend some time putting together a good party playlist that starts quite sedate and atmospheric, and gets livelier and more rocking towards the end of the night. There is nothing worse at a party than inappropriate music choice to ruin the mood, so don’t leave it to chance.

What will you all drink?

If you’re having a big gathering will you ask your guests to bring their own alcohol, and just supply a few choice bottles to supplement? For smaller events, it’s nice if you can provide good quality beer and wine, and even the ingredients and equipment for some cocktails. Buy in a few good bottles of vodka and gin, some premium rum, grenadine, a few liqueurs, and a whole load of ice and fruit, and let people become cocktail waiters for the night.

Will food be necessary?

For a larger party you might only want to put on a few nibbles, but if you’re holding a more intimate event, are you going to plan for a buffet or a dinner party as part of it? A popular idea to relieve a bit of the stress for yourself is to suggest a potluck theme, whereby every attendee brings a dish for the table, and you all get stuck in. This means you get to try a bit of everything, and you’re not stuck cooking a five-course meal for 20 people while you should be out there having fun.

Don’t leave anything to chance, be prepared, and have a great New Year’s Eve!

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