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The Outdoorsman You’ve Always Wanted To Be: A Guide

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Whether you agree with it or not, masculinity is often associated with taking part in outdoor activities and being able to survive in harsh environments. Of course, to start with this can seem very intimidating especially if you don’t know a crampon from a bear trap. However, I’m here to break it down for you into much easier bite-size pieces. Read on to find out more.
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A Guide On Living As A Man

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Men have been receiving some pretty mixed signals over the past several decades, a period that saw a general shift away from traditional masculine roles towards a more neutral – or perhaps feminine – way of being for society. Overall, this has been a good thing for society, but it has left generations of men “displaced”, cast aside by a world who no longer needs or wants their skills yet with no clear way of how, then, to act instead. It’s a complicated mess, one that doesn’t have any one obvious answer. Yet perhaps the key is to follow the versions of masculinity that are still permitted, such as the ones outlined below.

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Growing Up Fast: How to Become A Real Adult When Starting A Family

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Life can go by pretty fast. One moment you feel like you’re still a big kid, and the next minute you have your own kids on the way. If you’re about to start a family, you need to grow up fast and become a real assault. There are some big responsibilities ahead of you, and getting your approach right will be essential. So, if you want to make sure that you are prepared for adult life, here are the steps to take.

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Every Man Should Have These Three Skills!


There are a lot of various things that people like to talk about when it comes to what makes a real man. Whether it’s attitude, style or whatever else, everyone seems to have an opinion. Now, those things might be what a “real” man looks like, but they’re not what really makes the man. What separates a man from a boy is actually pretty simple. A real man is someone who can get things done for himself. If you want to feel like you’re a real man, then you’ve got to be able to handle your business in every part of your life. No matter what it is, you should be able to deal with it without needing to run for help all of the time. So here are a few skills that every man needs to have.

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