Staying Safe When You’re Playing Sports

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If you aren’t already a sports player, now is the perfect time to get started. The weather is generally good and spending some time exercising in the sun is the perfect way to spend a weekend.

Sport is so good for us, not only because it helps to keep us fit, but it also enables us to practice our teamwork skills, meet new people and get up from the television from time to time. Unfortunately, sports also has its downsides, namely the possibility of injuries. The good news is, if you are careful, you can participate in your favorite sports without seeing so much as a sprained ankle. Here’s how:

Invest in the Right Equipment

First and foremost, you should never play any sport without first ensuring you have the right safety equipment to hand. For example, you should never play football without the right headgear and padding, and if you’re playing baseball, safety baseball boots are a must. Even if you’re just taking part in a running club, buying sneakers that have been chosen specifically for your feet and your gait will make all the difference.


Whether you’re going out on the football field or playing in a hockey game, you should always take the time to stretch your major muscles before you get started. This will warm them up for the more intensive activity you’re about to get into, which will help to protect you from sprains, pulled muscles, and other common injuries.

Tune into Your Body

Instead of trying to be the hero, if you start to feel overly tired or you start to notice intense pain, stop what you are doing immediately. So many people are injured because they don’t know when to stop, and are unable to play sports for many months afterwards, if ever. Don’t be like them. Do the smart thing and live to see another day. You’ll get over the wisecracks quicker than your body will heal from your injuries.

Stay Conditioned

If you participate in a sport that only takes place during certain months of the year, you should still make an effort to stay in condition by visiting the gym, running or doing bodyweight exercises. The better shape your body is in, the less likely you are to suffer an injury when you start playing sports again.

See a Professional

If you do suffer from an injury, or you think that you may be at risk of injury, seeing a sports medicine professional, who can assess your issues and help you get back into peak physical condition will ensure that you don’t have to take too much time away from the field.

Get Plenty of Sleep

If you are particularly fatigued, not only will your performance on the field suffer, but you are more likely to make the kind of mistakes that result in injuries. If you can, try not to take part in intense sports if you have not had enough sleep beforehand and try to take occasional breaks from sports so that you do not get burnt-out.

That’s it! All that remains is to slip on your sneakers and have some fun.


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