Sports To Encourage A Child Of A Gentler Temperament To Play

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Not every child can be the next all-star linebacker, and that’s a good thing. Some children either have limited physical ability, are sensitive, or just prefer to do things alone. Sometimes your child has from a behavioural or physiological disorder such as autism or aspergers, and you’d like to help get them active doing a positive activity of some sort, but you’re not sure what.

This list goes into the best sports you can possibly encourage your child to play, without expecting too much from them in terms of stress or performance. They are simple activities designed for fun, and bonding time with your child.

If your child is disabled physically, trying to find a sport they enjoy that has had efforts to make it compatible with your child’s difficulty is worth researching. There’s a reason that the paralympics exist, and it’s arguably more exciting and emotionally investing than the regular olympics. You, as always, know your child’s situation the best though, so apply what you believe is necessary in their situation.

Without further ado:


Chess, or checkers, is a great way to intellectually stimulate a child. Largely considered one of the greatest games ever created, chess is a favorite pastime of presidents, intellectuals and eminent thinkers. Just because your child has difficulty performing well on a field doesn’t mean they can’t be the next chess grandmaster. It’s all in the mind. Chess also teaches your child the values of patience, thinking ahead, and reading a situation, which are all qualities immensely beneficial in their development.


Fishing is a beautiful, patient sport that will help your child get out in nature. One of the beauties of it is that very little physical activity is involved, instead reading the tension of the line, and observing your surroundings are the activities that are encouraged. This is a good way to spend time with your child, because it gives them time to reflect and spend time aside from the challenges they face day-to-day. Just make sure that you keep an eye on them at all times. Check out Lance Fishing: to learn the best habits and practises that your child can adopt when starting out on his or her fishing career.

Wheelchair Sports

Just because your child is wheelchair bound doesn’t mean they’re unable to do physical activity. Wheelchair basketball, volleyball among others exist to help facilitate your child to get the best upper body exercise they can. There’s most likely a league in your area, and a quick check online can prove this. Not only will it be great for your child to get active and confident within a sport, but it will also help them socialize with others who are in wheelchairs, which is always a healthy thing to have happen.

No matter what you choose, be sure that you don’t mistake the sensitivity of your child for an unwillingness to do things, and vice versa. Striking the fine line between gentle or firm encouragement, and being genuinely mindful of their needs falls to you as a parent to decide.

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