Growing Old Disgracefully

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We’re sorry to have to be the people to say this to you, man, but middle-age is definitely the time to start looking after yourself a bit better. Seriously. We’re not saying you can’t grow old disgracefully because you totally can, we just want you to keep that childlike immaturity alive for longer, and keep being that rebel with a cause you’ve always been.

Most men get to 40 and start concerning themselves with health concerns like an expanding waist, thinning hair and still getting up, but the concerns start to get a little more serious than that at 40, they start to threatening your way of life. But if you know where the threats are coming from, well, it is easier to hit them head on and keep going like the madman you are.

Heart Problems

When you get to middle-age, your body doesn’t do as well at combatting ye’ olde cholesterol, which tends to have a thing with clogging up veins and arteries. This is worth knowing about because cholesterol in middle-aged men tends to have a huge impact on whether you’ll have a heart attack or not, which is totally avoidable with simple adjustments. This means easy changes like eating less processed meat and more foods which have Omega-3 fat in them.


Look, we know that no one wants to read about the big C, but burying your head in a deep pile of ignorance isn’t exactly a great preventative measure to take. The leading form of avoidable cancer is still lung cancer, thanks to habits like smoking, and smoking big fat Cuban cigars. However, prostate cancer isn’t far behind. Obviously the former requires you quit chowing down on cigarettes and cigars, whereas treating prostate cancer, or at least reducing your chances of getting it, requires more committed measures like having a low-fat diet, eating fruit and veg and fish, and exercising regularly.


Here’s the thing, middle-aged men tend to get a little bit more relaxed at the same time as their metabolism gets a little slower, and that means you start getting a little more chubby, and that can lead to Type 2 diabetes (as can a sugar addiction). Luckily, you can build up a resistance by just doing what all your doctors have been telling you to do for years: move about more, eat better, maintaining a constant weight and not smoking. Yup, all of these golden rules are things are good for you; shock horror, who would have thunk it.


We’re sorry to be the bearer of terrible news, but with middle-aged comes the increased risk of some dysfunctions, and it is a lot more common than most men would admit. Even some teens suffer with it, so of course, a 40-year-old bloke is going to be at a higher risk. We don’t want to alarm you, we just want to help you help yourself, and that can be done by simply eating certain foods. Phew. So go and stock up on berries and citrus fruits and drinking red wine and green tea, although we don’t reckon you mix them, although we haven’t tried it so we shan’t knock it.

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