Surviving Adulthood In 4 Lessons

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Adulthood is not a child’s play. For a start, there are a lot of responsibilities to look after. But more importantly, every man needs real surviving skills for the adult life. You may not be living an adventurous life – Not everyone can be Iron Man but that shouldn’t stop you from trying – but risks are everywhere. Okay, maybe not all of them deadly. But a risk is a risk, and that’s exactly why you need to level up your surviving skills to tackle all of them effortlessly.

#1. Surviving Hot Weather

Sun is hot. That’s a fact that nobody can deny – and if they do, don’t listen to them. And everybody knows that the worst time of the year is the summer, during which the sun is so hot that it can be difficult to keep your body temperature down. Some people have been known to go mad in the sun because their brain overheated. So developing your surviving skills for the hot weather is not just for fun. There’s also a part of truth in it: When the sun is high in the sky, you need to keep yourself cool and hydrated. So, a cooling box full of summer beer does sound like a very good plan. If anybody asks, just tell them that you are upping your surviving skills for the summer. It’s hot outside, period.

#2. Surviving Wilderness .. Or A Zombie Attack

Imagine that you are going camping in a beautiful natural spot, maybe by a river or lost in the mountain. For most people, camping is a fantastic and relaxing adventure. But now imagine that you got lost and needed to test your survival skills in the wilderness until the rescue team can find you. You’ll be surprised to know that more and more young adults have no outdoors survival skills, nor do they have the ultimate survival gear checklist to make sure that they can protect themselves. If you grew up watching MacGyver, you have probably noticed that most adults don’t even know 10% of what Mac knew. Most people would probably die of starvation if their favorite takeaway stopped delivering food. So, do yourself a favor and learn some everyday survival skills to make it alive out of the wilderness… or to survive a zombie attack – you never know what could happen.

#3. Surviving Workplace Stress

Back to a more serious topic: Workplace stress is claiming every year victims, from mental health disruptions such as depression to serious cardiovascular illnesses. In short, what is your plan to fight workplace stress off? For most individuals, the first step is to realize that you are not invisible. There’s no weakness in accepting that you need to find ways of dealing with stress. Releasing pressure through sports is one of the most effective and immediate de-stressing methods. But to fully survive stress, you need to know how to take care of your body and your mind.

#4. Surviving A Dull Date Night

Everyone has got at least a boring date. While dull dates are not deadly; it’s important to find a way of surviving the evening without hurting someone else’s feelings. Just because you don’t have much in common doesn’t mean that you should make them feel bad. Surviving a bad date night is basic social skills and respect. Try to orientate the discussion towards a topic that interests you too. Or suggest an activity like playing pool.


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  1. Am i Adulting Righ? says:

    This post is hilarious and oddly helpful. Thank you for thinking out things that don’t usually come to mind when you think about adulthood issues. There are many responsibilities and stresses but not everyone thinks of the zombie apocalypse as one like i do. It’s always the little things no one warns you about that become the hardest part of transitioning into this new phase of life and you warn us even about the hot weather, which is something usually your mom would take care of. I laughed more than a few times reading this. You did a great job putting a light twist on something that can sometimes be pretty hard!


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