An Adventurer’s Best Friend: 5 Reasons to Own A Truck If You Love To Explore


Picture this: you’re driving down the countryside with a beautifully crisp wind blowing through your hair. To your right is a clean and sparkling ocean, and to your left is a clear meadow with a line of trees bordering it. The sun’s coming down, so you decide to pull up close to the meadow and set up camp. You exit your truck and open up the back to reveal your camping gear. You spend the night camping on the meadow with your friends, sharing weird and wonderful stories as you snack on marshmallows over a dim campfire. The sun comes up and you’re on the road once more, looking for the next location to spend your night.

It’s the type of adventure that only a truck owner can experience. They have the space to carry their friends and family, and also ample amount of room to haul camping supplies. If that hasn’t convinced you to buy a truck yet, then here are five more reasons.

They’re big and beautiful

Don’t think about dusty and crumbling farmer’s trucks. Think of beautiful shining SUVs or multipurpose pickup trucks with a huge amount of storage space. Trucks are no longer exclusively a tool for workers that are carrying around large items—they’re a status symbol for a practical driver.

Next time you stop at a red light, look around you and try to pick out the vehicles that stand out. Sure, that guy with the fancy sports car revving his engine and making everyone’s ears pop might look cool, but if you’re there with a large truck carrying everything including the kitchen sink in the back, then you’re going to make his half a million dollar purchase seem inadequate.

They can be customised to your liking

Unlike smaller cars, trucks have a hundred and one different modifications thanks to their incredible size and moddable nature. Truck manufacturers know that their vehicles can serve multiple purchases, meaning you can buy everything from Extang tonneau covers to protect your belongings to camping equipment that turns the cargo bed into an actual bed.

You’ll be a hero

Pickup trucks have incredible power thanks to their large body and construction. This means you’ll be the hero of the neighbourhood if you volunteer to help people haul their dead vehicles to the nearest garage, or if you decide to save them from a vehicle breakdown in the middle of a highway. Your large storage space also gives you ample room to help friends and family relocate or pick up large appliances.

They’re sturdy

If you crash an expensive sports car then you can say goodbye to the vehicle and, in a worst-case scenario, your life. Sports cars are lightweight to improve their speed and acceleration, but that means they’re also incredibly fragile compared to a truck. This gives trucks a feeling of safety because your vehicle is sturdy and can withstand collisions much better than a regular vehicle. They’re also great against the elements, so whether you’re driving through frosty winter roads or wet and muddy soil, you’ll get to your destination.

Improved vision of the road

Trucks usually sit higher than regular vehicles, giving you a better view of your surroundings. You’ll be able to see more vehicles, you’ll be able to see over other cars, and you’ll have more time to react to oncoming vehicles or accidents that are further down the road.


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