Looking And Feeling Bold Whether You’re Young Or Old

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People can look fashionable or stylistically lost whether they’re young or old, so don’t let age deter you from trying to give yourself a sleek appearance this year. It’s never too late to look good on the outside and feel good on the inside. A healthy, fashionable appearance doesn’t just have to be a shallow, vapid attempt to project a certain image to those who see you; it can be a journey for your own benefit which produces real health benefits on a physical level to help you live a happier life as you get older. Here are just a few tips to help you look and feel bold whether you’re young or old.


It’s important not matter your age, and it’s the difference between feeling ten years older or ten years younger than you are. Color hardly matters in the modern age. With dyeing trends heading off in all manner of crazy directions, shades of white or grey are popular even amongst teenagers. Still, whilst you may not worry about growing a magnificent manner of silver hair, you may worry about your luscious locks starting to thin or wither away, so you could look into options such as finasteride tablets to promote hair growth.

Simple things such as eating well will also help to maintain a healthy head of hair, as protein-heavy diets will help strengthen and maintain your locks; of course, you should maintain a balanced diet, as everything is good in moderation. Looking young is all about living young. If you start off by simply eating well, your body will look after itself. This is important whilst you’re still young, of course, as you want to start looking after your body today, not tomorrow.


Most of us hate that word, but it does have to be such a dreaded chore. Exercise is simply about keeping the body active and healthy. That’s such a broad definition that there’s definitely a way for everyone to exercise that’s enjoyable. If you don’t like hitting the gym because it’s tiring or heading off jogs because they’re boring or you feel self-conscious, then you don’t have to do either of these things. That doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of exercise, as there’s far more you could be doing. Simply walking to local places, rather than taking your car, could make the world of difference to your health.

Getting yourself a pedometer or an app for your phone and tracking your steps each day could give you an idea about just how active you are; aiming for 10,000 steps per day is a good benchmark. On top of that, any strenuous exercise you can squeeze in will also help keep your body feeling nimble, strong and bold. You could get into a sport with your friends or your children, depending on how old or young you are. There’s something for everyone, but simply walking with some headphones could be a relaxing way to keep yourself active and take a break from life for an hour or two each day.


Be bold when it comes to fashion. That doesn’t mean going overboard and running the risk of looking out of place or uncomfortable in what you wear; it simply means going the extra mile to make yourself look good. It’s time to trade in those tired, faded jeans and the baggy t-shirt for clothes which fit you so well they could have been tailor-made for you. That’s the key to good fashion; not lavish extravagance or coughing up far too much money. You simply need to buy clothes which fit. On top of that, it’s always fun to accessorise and show that you’re not old just yet; a sleek belt, some nice shades for summer or that bright and bold handbag you’ve been eyeing up are all things which you can pull off if you simply have some confidence.


Look after your face. It’s your defining aesthetic feature, but healthy practices are also important. Keeping your pores cleansed to avoid acne if you’re still young and moisturising to avoid wrinkles or blemishes as you get older are both healthy practices which have the added benefit of keeping your outward appearance looking young and fresh. Going the extra mile to remove hairs from nostrils, ears or the space between your eyebrows are all grooming methods which come down to personal preference, but a clean, maintained look is key. Looking bold is about showing that you care about your appearance and you put time into it.

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