Accessories That Wow Women

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If there is one thing a man wants to do, its impress a woman. But, being from Venus, they aren’t easy to win over. The female of the species is notoriously difficult to impress because they are so perceptive. They see something, and they read into it like a therapist at an AA meeting. For years, guys didn’t even realise this was a thing. Thankfully, the tables are turning. In fact, they are turning so much that men can wow women with a few simple accessories. What to know more? Of course you do! Everything you need to know is underneath.

Shoes/ Boots/Sneakers

The terminology doesn’t matter. What does matter is that your footwear shines from toe to heel. Plenty of guys don’t put enough emphasis on their shoe game, and it hurts their chances with the opposite sex. For one thing, cool, clean footwear is sexy. More importantly, it says a lot about the person (according to women). Dirty sneakers mean that you can’t take care of what you wear on your feet. If you can’t take care of a pair of Nikes, how can you take care of a potential girlfriend? Also, it doesn’t reflect well on your hygiene and cleanliness.


To begin with, no watch at all is a bad sign. Conventional wisdom says that men wear watches, which means boys omit them altogether. Even if it is BS, it doesn’t matter because that’s how people think. And it isn’t just women because there are men that feel the same way, too. Like the footwear, the watch says a lot about the person. A silver wrist piece is a sign that you like the finer things in life, while a leather strap depicts a more gentlemanly feel. The manufacturer is a big deal as well. ShopWorn watches aren’t common, so that means you’re different, whereas a Rolex is a sign of wealth.

Power Suit

Let’s get one thing straight – there is no need to wear a suit all of the time. Women don’t buy into that theory either because there are ways to look good without dressing up. Plus, there’s no need to go on a first date in a three piece. However, a lack of a fine suit is a warning sign. The first thing that springs to mind is your profession. What do you do if you don’t own a suit? Do you even have a job, or is it super casual with zero career prospects? Everyone knows that a woman doesn’t want a deadbeat boyfriend. The fitting of the suit is important also. An overgrown suit is a sign that you don’t take care in your appearance. A fitted number, on the other hand, is an excellent sign.

Men like to think that it’s the big things that turn a woman’s head. In truth, it’s the little details behind the mask which mean so much more. So, a collection of accessories is an excellent way to show that there is more to you than meets the eye.

What do you think? Any other accessories that you think will wow the ladies? Tell us in the comments. 

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