Drivers Beware! Winter Is Tough On Your Vehicle!

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As useful as driving is, it can be a real hassle sometimes. Dealing with traffic jams and inconsiderate motorists can quickly put you in a bad mood. You also have to keep your car in tip-top condition so you can own it for years.

But winter is the worst of all for car owners. It isn’t just the weather that can cause problems for motorists. There are many issues you’ll face through December and beyond that can make the roads a nightmare. Here are some issues to watch out for this winter.

Poor Weather Conditions

It can be tough driving through sleet, snow, and constant rain. In fact, there’s a 49% rise in insurance claims during winter. You’ll need to be extra careful to avoid collisions on the icy, wet roads.

Being a cautious driver will take you so far. But if your car is having trouble with the weather conditions, you may even want to consider an upgrade. Winter is an excellent time to buy a new vehicle since many car dealerships sell low during the season. SUVs and trucks can handle the winter weather much better than a city car, and they’ll serve you well all throughout the year.

You’ll also have to deal with the weather before you even get in your vehicle. Windows can get iced up, and your vehicle can get covered in snow. Make sure you get a car cover and an ice scraper to deal with these issues.

Freezing Temperatures

The weather’s going to get a lot colder. You’ll need to ensure your air conditioning is up to speed. But it’s not just keeping warm you need to worry about.

Freezing temperatures can cause problems for your vehicle. The cold can affect the output of your battery, and even damage it in some cases. Your tire pressure can also go down due to low temperatures, so be sure to keep them pumped up.

You might need to take some preventative measures to keep your vehicle from getting damaged. If you have a garage, keep your car inside overnight to avoid damage from the cold. Make sure you also add some antifreeze to vehicle fluids, so they don’t get frozen.

Heavy Traffic

One problem you might not account for is how much traffic hits the road in winter. Cars will be rushing back and forth for work, but that’s not all. You also need to factor in the Holiday shopping rushes.

If you can avoid the roads during busy times, it can help you avoid traffic queues and potential collisions. It also saves you some stress. Try to get your shopping done when it’s not busy- or even take a taxi or Uber instead.

If you’re making a long journey to see family this Christmas, get your vehicle serviced first. It’ll prevent you having any problems on the way.

Dark Nights

In Winter, the days will get darker sooner. Make sure your lights are all working, and also keep extra bulbs in case they go out.

You’ll also need to be wary of thieves. More car thefts happen in Winter due to how dark it is. Park your cars near street lights whenever possible. It also helps to keep them locked up in a garage at night. Don’t keep any valuable inside your car either, just in case!


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