Guy Gifts: Practical Presents To Give This Christmas

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Picking a gift for another guy friend isn’t as easy as picking out something for the kids or family. We can usually get by with getting something personalized like a shirt or cup or something edible like a box of sweets, but when we’re giving presents to our friends they expect something whacky, fun, or outright insane.

Trying to impress your friends is tough work and often pretty expensive. Instead of getting them something that’ll make them bellow in laughter, check out some of these practical gifts that they can use throughout the new year.

Shaving Membership

What better way to start the morning than with a fresh razor? Unless of course, your beard is well kept and you plan to keep it that way! But for many men around the world, nothing beats starting the day off with a clean-shaven face, and there’s no better way to do it than with a new razor.

But getting loads of shaving equipment and electrical gear is a hassle. How about gifting your friend a subscription to a service like Harry’s? Shaving memberships are usually quite cheap, and they often have a variety of extra items like shaving cream that they send to your door every month. You’re guaranteed to get high-quality blades in each razor, and there are customization options to give your friend the perfect gift. Just make sure they’re shaving properly.

Bluetooth Headphones

Give your friend the gift of wireless freedom. Bluetooth headsets are perfect for an active friend who loves sports or usually has their hands busy. Let them keep in touch while they’re at work, out jogging, or even driving with a good quality Bluetooth headset. Prices usually start around $50 for a good model. Make sure to always look at reviews. Sometimes unknown brands can produce excellent quality headsets, but it’s usually best to stick to known brands. Designer brands are very expensive and sub-par in quality, best to avoid those!

Smartphone and Tablet Accessories

Your friends probably use their smart devices all throughout the day, so why not get them something that makes operating and carrying them easier? You can get external speakers, bags, carrying cases, keyboards, and even chargers. Just ask your friend what kind of device they have, then check out a site like iThingum and pick up some practical accessories they can use.

DIY Kits

Every guy has at least some experience with DIY tools, and they probably have a nasty bucket or box to keep their random assortment of tools in. Does your friend like to tinker with electronic devices and computers? Then perhaps a tech kit from somewhere like iFixit would be a good choice. It comes with loads of small and uncommon screwdrivers and prying tools to open up things like phones and tablets. If your friend is into home improvements and large projects, then maybe a big carry-case of DIY tools like drills and hammers would suit them. Give your friend the gift of creativity, and inspire them to carry out some new projects in the new year with your present.


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