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I know it may be early for some to book your family vacation but before you know it, you will start planning and unless you are organized it always seems to be a tedious process to keep things organized. In fact we are booked for our trip to Jamaica and I have started creating a travel notebook for our trip. The two apps that I use are Tripit and OneNote. Check out my review on TripIt.

OneNote allows me to effortlessly clip and save information that I find around the web in a handy template provided by Microsoft called a travel notebook. I can prepare for multiple trips while keeping my notes, reservations, confirmation numbers, directions and website links orderly, well labeled and all in one place. If I plan a trip with friends’ or other family members, I could easily grant them access to my travel notebook so they can see what I’m planning and add in their own tips, advice and reservation numbers. The days of fumbling through my notebook or phone trying to remember where I stored all of my information are over!

OneNote also allows users to import an Excel spreadsheet so you can keep an eye on your travel budget. I am one who likes to keep things organized. This helps make things even easier. While my ideas wouldn’t do me a whole lot of good if they were trapped on my laptop and I was traveling without it, the good folks at Microsoft have already taken that into consideration. When I save my notebook to SkyDrive, I’m able to access my information from anywhere with my iPhone, MS Surface or another computer. There’s also a handy built-in search feature so I can find what I’m looking for quickly and easily. That sure beats thumbing through a paper notebook!

Not only is OneNote great for easy trip planning, it’s also a great tool during and after a trip. During the trip, I can add photos or notes to my travel notebook while the events of the day are fresh in my mind. Once I return home, I can review my notes and easily create a blog post to share with my readers, or an online scrapbook for my family.

To learn how OneNote works and how it can be used in conjunction with other Office applications watch this video.

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