It’s Not Easy Keeping Kids Safe Online, But It Is Possible

In the lives of our children, there has always been technology and the internet. Therefore, they do not approach their interaction online with due care. They see only a screen that reacts to their footsteps, ignoring the dangers in their online navigation. 

How To Give Your Family The Best Of You

Too often as men, we let ourselves down as husbands and fathers. We spend too much time at work and spend too little time with our families. And when we do get to spend time with the people we love at home, we are sometimes overly-stressed and snappy with them because of the toll work…

Moving Past The Challenges Of Fatherhood

Fatherhood, like manhood, can be a tricky concept to fully explore and explain. There are many schools of thought on either topic. Manhood, for instance, is increasingly being reduced to the point where masculine traits can sometimes be seen as overbearing and brash, instead of a healthy, honorable means of raising young boys to have…

Off Topic Card Game: For Those Slightly Off

I am always looking for a fun new game to play with friends and family. Not your Candy Land kind of game but something that makes you laugh inside and sometimes out loud. So when I was introduced to the Off Topic game where the catch phrase is “A Game For Those Slightly Off” I…

How To Really Rock The Party This New Years

Sick and tired of a New Years’ celebration that just involves finding whatever venue or party is convenient enough to spend your evening at, then going home as soon as the countdown’s over? If you’re looking for a different way to celebrate New Years’, then here are a few ideas worth considering.