How To Organize The Ultimate Fishing & Camping Adventure


Looking out the window, the only thing the weather can offer right now is cold winds and snow! Yes, there might be the occasional spot of sunshine. But, we’re now in the midst of winter. I’m an outdoors type of person, and not too much a fan of being indoors most of the time.

During these colder months, I often spend my time thinking about some amazing things to do in the summer. Last year I decided to head out and spend a weekend camping and fishing. If that’s something you’d like to do this summer, here’s how to create the ultimate adventure:

Take a good tent with you – If you’re going to be camping outdoors, you need a tent. Sure, you could spend the evenings sleeping under the stars. But, you will need some shelter in case it rains, for example.

The tent you buy should be big enough for your needs. Make sure it lets you have enough room to stand up so you can get changed in private. Of course, the tent you take should be waterproof as well. You don’t want to get drenched in the middle of the night. Otherwise, you’ll have to sleep in your car!

Take some tarp with you – When you’re camping out, it makes sense to build a little open shelter. If the weather does turn bad, you don’t want to spend your time inside your tent. The main reason for taking some tarp with you is to camouflage yourself when you’re fishing.

Believe it or not, hiding out of view can sometimes offer better yields when you’re fishing! You could get some camo tarp from

Learn how to build a fire – Sure, you could cheat and just cook your fish and meals using gas-powered stoves. But where’s the fun in that? You’re in the great outdoors, so you need to get the best experience!

It’s actually quite easy to build a fire. You just need to know what you’re doing! Check out to learn how. Or watch some videos on YouTube.

Use the power of the sun to your advantage – It’s no secret that we live in a digital, modern age. It’s likely you will be taking your cell phone with you during your trip. You might even bring along your iPad.

Nature doesn’t provide easy to access power outlets in the great outdoors. One solution is to harness the power of the sun. You can get some solar panel chargers for your gadgets. They work quite well and will charge your devices up in no time at all.

Take some solar-powered lanterns with you – When it gets dark, you don’t want to use the tiny LED light from your mobile phone to illuminate the way ahead. You should consider getting some solar powered LED lanterns. The brilliant thing about LED lights is they use little power.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post today. Happy fishing!

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