Important Things To Consider If You’re Thinking About Long Term Travel

Important Things To Consider If You're Thinking About Long Term Travel

No matter what age you are, travel is good for the soul. It opens our eyes to new experiences, cultures and places that are unlike anything we have seen before. Gap years, sabbaticals and long vacations are perfect if you’re eager to expand your traveling horizons. But if a month, six months or year of travelling doesn’t feel like quite long enough, long-term travel might be the solution. But before you start selling your home and your possessions you need to consider some important things before you go.

How will we earn an income? – Unless you have a healthy retirement fund, it’s likely you will need to fund your long term travel plans in some way. There’s no point starting a lifetime of adventure with no money, so start saving as soon as possible. Also, consider how you are going to earn an income as you travel. You could rent your current home or set up a business you can commit to as you move around. Freelance services such as writing and graphic designing can be done from anywhere in the world. But the pay and demand will vary which can be unnerving. You could also set up an Ebay or Etsy store and sell goods from your travels online. Remember that these jobs will require time and effort which you need to commit to, to maximise their earning potential. Many cities and towns will require short-term staff in shops and schools, especially during holiday seasons. But you may be met with competition from the locals and other travelers.

Where are you going to stay? – This is a vital decision you need to make before you leave and will depend on your own personal preferences. You could stay in hotels or hostels for periods of time while you explore local attractions and see the sights. House sitting and rentals could also be a possible accommodation for you to utilize too. But staying in certain hotels and renting can be costly and you may find limitations on how long you can remain in certain establishments. Some will also require deposits and booking in advance to secure rooms so you need to be prepared for any eventuality. Also, consider holidays and peak seasons which could raise accommodation prices and limit availability. If you have the money available, a DRV Luxury suite can give you a movable home that travels with you. But also remember you need to find suitable parking each night and budget for breakdowns and insurance. Carry out some thorough research on all the options available and ask other long-term travelers for tips.

How much can you take? – Depending on where you choose to stay will influence how much you take with you. An RV can provide you with plenty of storage and space. But if you’re planning on staying in hostels and hotels, you will be limited to a couple of bags. Consider which items in your home you cannot live without and start donating items you no longer need to charity or family and friends. Also, search for large camping bags and suitcases that allow plenty of space for your belonging as you move around.

After considering your options, you should now know whether long-term travel is for you or not. Do plenty of research and planning to ensure you’ve covered all bases before you leave.

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