Aftermarket Gadgets For The 007 Car

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Today’s cars have crossed a long way from unreliable and rudimentary contraptions they used to be. After the “muscle car” craze of the 50s and 60s, came the oil crisis and the swing towards more economical and fuel efficient designs. If we must name this car era, it will undoubtedly be called the “tech age”. And while manufacturers continue to deliver key-in-hand models outfitted with all kinds of technical conveniences, many owners still prefer to purchase a cheaper basic model and then upgrade it with aftermarket gadgets. So what are the hottest mods?

Aftermarket HUD – Jet fighter technology has found its way into car arena. Using a technologically advanced projector plugged into a smartphone to cast a head-up-display image onto your windshield, the device helps drivers keep their gaze on the road. The HUD contains all the essential driving and road data, and it also includes GPS navigation, hand gesture recognition and voice control. Talk to me, Goose.

Early warning radar detectors – A perfect gadget for those who are always in the hurry. If your old radar detector annoyed you with false alarms triggered by the neighbor’s microwave, you should definitely consider Passport Max2 detector. Combining GPS and Bluetooth technology, this gadget automatically rejects fixed position false alarms, as well as warning you about the local speed limit regulations and safety cameras. This device is bound to turn your vehicle into a stealth fighter.

Night vision pedestrian detection Pioneered by Cadillac and made popular by the 2010 Mercedes E-Class and the BMW 2009 7 Series, this gadget uses thermal imaging to pinpoint pedestrians on the road, highlighting them on a dashboard display or the windshield head-up-display, if the car is equipped with one. It only remains to see if boozed up pedestrians show greater heat signature.

Remote start button app A crucial feature on those frozen winter mornings that makes the difference between a pleasant drive to work and driving a dog sled.  Although the remote starter that defrosts and warms the car is not an expensive upgrade, many older cars don’t have this feature. And even if they do, there is an extra key fob that you have to carry on your keychain. Not to mention accidental activation in your pocket that can burn your gas in the closed garage. The answer to these problems is a new smartphone app that can start remotely almost any car make. It even comes with a parking meter, vehicle locator and programmed schedule defroster.

LED Lighting scheme

If you belong to a group of drivers who hate dim interior lights that manufacturers incessantly keep fitting into their models, as well as chaining side marker bulbs, you should seriously consider LED. These bulbs last up to 10 times longer than the regular ones, not to mention that they are sturdier and brighter as well. Without discussion they are the most advanced car lighting option today.

The GoPro While the capabilities of these apocalypse-resistant mobile cameras are widely known and celebrated, people for some reason fail to see them as a car upgrade. Not only reserved for surfers, free climbers and racers, this car can have multiple uses for regular drivers as well. While it can dub as a premium crash camera, it can safely take photos and video footage of beautiful landscapes, scenic panoramas and those one-in-a-lifetime moments with kids in the back. Newer models are equipped with smart option like 240 fps slow motion, 4K Ultra HD video and Bluetooth connectivity.

Aftermarket massager While this tech mod won’t necessarily upgrade your driving performances and fuel economy, it will certainly contribute to your stress relief and help you reach the destination in the good mood. Car seat massagers like InSeat Solutions LLC provide wellness options ranging from full massage to “hot stone” program for cold days. It is equipped with 8 massage motors, lumbar heating pad, ergonomic design and programmable vibrator, offering massage modes like “select, wave, pulse and zigzag”. This upgrade can easily give your low-class crate a feeling of an S-Class Mercedes.

Some of the car features that we take for granted today, like electric ignition, automated windshield wipers, airbags, cruise control and many others, were once considered novelties and space-age technology. What is “cutting-edge” today, becomes normal tomorrow. The tech mods described here can easily become mainstream in a year or two.

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