What To Do When You Have A Car Accident

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Immediate Response

When you have an accident, if it hasn’t caused your car to grind to a halt anyway, you need to make sure you stop your vehicle and switch off your engine (it states in law that you must). It is highly recommended that you also switch on your hazard lights to inform other vehicles that you cannot move due to an accident. Next, make sure you check yourself for any injuries because your adrenalin could be disguising them. Call an ambulance for yourself or the other driver if needed.

If you’re not injured, one of the first things you need to do is take a few breaths to calm down as you will feel shaken, and it’s not good to act on any impulses that result from this. However, if the other driver involved looks as though they are going to flee the scene, make sure you record their number plate so that they can be held responsible for anything that was their fault.

Next Steps

Next, make sure you contact the police so that they can block the road off to avoid any further collisions and establish a diversion. They might also be useful to have around if the other driver is showing signs of aggression towards you. Hopefully you and the other driver involved will be able to calmly discuss what has happened and exchange details but be careful not to admit fault until you know for sure that you were responsible.

It’s best to take photos of any damage to the vehicles, anything else that was involved in the collision, where the collision took place and any injuries sustained so that you have evidence if needed. Even if the other driver appears to agree with you at the time, they could change their mind later down the line.

What Information Will You Need?

Before you leave the scene, you will need to record several details in order to be able to make an insurance claim, get legal help from someone like this Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer, or even fight any claim made against you. Make a note of the other driver’s number plate, phone number, name, and the make, model and color of their vehicle. Note the time and date of the crash and anything that could have affected it, for example the weather and the road quality.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you are prepared should any insurance claims be made against you, and should you wish to make a claim yourself. Making a successful insurance claim could mean that the costs of the damage to your vehicle (which could be as serious as having to replace it altogether) are covered. You could also get compensation for any injuries you sustain. theguycornernyc.com has more advice for drivers, such as which car to buy if you’re new to driving or if you are just in need of a new car since your car accident.

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