Don’t Let Christmas Cost More Than It Has To

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It seems like summer was only yesterday, and yet, here we are, just a few weeks away from Christmas. While there is much to love about the festive season, there’s an aspect that many of us could do without: the cost. This is arguably the most expensive period of the year, especially when we look at how little time it comprises. We can spend a month’s salary to enjoy just a few days. There are ways to make things cheaper, however. If you want to have a fine festive period without the high cost, look at incorporating the tips below.

How Many Presents?

It is nice to give gifts; there’s just something about it that makes us feel good. Alas, the more presents that we buy, the greater the cost. If Christmas usually costs you more than a pretty penny, then take a look at how many gifts you’re buying. If you’re throwing in three or more presents for every family member, then that’ll be too many. Scale back, but perhaps let them know beforehand, especially if you think they’ll buy you the same amount of presents as normal. Also, think of who you’re buying the gifts for. Your sister, sure; your aunt’s dog, no.

Having Fun

One of the best things about the festive period is how many fun activities and events there are. You can go to plays, concerts, spend time in bars with loved ones…every night of the week, there is something to do. But of course, if you do this, then you’ll fly through your budget. This year, why not look at doing things differently? There are plenty of free things to do around Christmas. Take a look at events happening in the community, or just make your own fun at home. You’ll have just as much fun as always, and your bank balance will remain untouched. Perfect!

On the Roads

We tend to think of the costs relating to Christmas as being all about presents and drinks and food. But actually, a huge chunk of the expenses can come from simply traveling from A to B. You may need to fly or drive home to see your family, and that’s not always the cheapest of activities around the holidays. It’s best to have a degree of flexibility with your flight times, so you don’t pay over the odds. On the roads, be mindful that there are a lot of accidents about Christmas, and this could result in a heavy bill. If you’re involved in an accident that’s not your fault, then work with a personal injury attorney, and get the money that’s rightfully yours. Christmas is expensive enough without having to pay the bills that should rightfully be paid by someone else.

How To Save Money 

Of course, try as you might, you will have to spend money. There are presents to buy, dinners to attend, and drinks to be had. If you can’t cut out these expenses entirely, then you can at least look at saving money. There are nearly always ways to get discounts on the necessary expenses. You can look for coupon codes for your presents, for example. When it comes to enjoying a meal in a restaurant, switch to a lunchtime sitting rather than in the evening; they’re around 25% cheaper. You can also look at asking for a discount if you’re a particularly large group.

Learn to Say No

Everyone’s loving life and in the spirit of the season around the holidays. And that means that people want to have fun. If you’ve got a lot of people in your life, then you’ll likely be invited to a lot of different social events. But it’s worth learning the art of saying no. It’s nice to be invited to a fancy cocktail bar, but if you can’t afford to go, then it’s probably best to decline the invitation. Don’t let other people spend your hard earned money for you. You can also prevent these events from occurring by taking the lead and inviting people to cheaper events before they invite you.

Stay Mindful 

Many people set a budget for the festive period, and then when it rolls around, get caught up in the excitement and promptly forget about the budget that they set. So this Christmas, stay mindful of what you’re spending. You might adopt a free-spirited “it’s Christmas” attitude when you’re in the thick of everything, but you’ll only regret your actions when the new year arrives and you’re broke!

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